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Need help preparing for law school?

Here at Totetally Legal, I put my fellow aspiring law students' needs in the forefront. I help not only my fellow law students, but also those who are looking into taking up law in the near future. If you are an aspiring or incoming law student, start your preparation now by answering my minisurvey. This way I can make or develop content to help you embark on your law school journey.

Want clarity and mindfulness as you study law?

Law school is such a tricky and stressful course to take. Good thing, you don't have to go through it alone. If you want to get some help destressing and clearing your mind, or even setting your goals in the years ahead, law school life coaching is the way for you.

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I'm currently making and developing content, products, and services that will benefit our fellow aspiring lawyers. I'd like you to be part of this collective effort by knowing your insights on certain matters. Wanna join?

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