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Here, I’ll feature my fellow law school bloggers and other content creators (those creations may not be related to law school or law students), who, in my opinion, are worth checking out. I got this wonderful idea from Jirah, content creator at Writings by JM. This brilliant lass showed me that content creators can get themselves exposure through camaraderie and/or collaboration.

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Blogs Totetally Legal loves

Writings by JM

I love reading this blog because of its diverse topics about life, faith, and creativity. Plus, its creator, Jirah, is just so nice and accommodating.

She may be young but you can learn a lot from her content, most especially if you are a college student.

Check her blog by clicking on the photo below:

Totetally Legal, Writings by JM

Legal Snippets

If you are a law student or anyone hailing from India, Legal Snippets should be one of your go-to Youtube channels.

Legal Snippets provides you with brief yet informative Indian Law-related videos that are easy to understand or digest. It also gives everyone productivity- and law school- related insights that law students and lay persons alike will surely enjoy.

Check out Legal Snippet’s Youtube Channel here:

Click on the photo above to see their Instagram page.

Of Coffees and Studies

How I wish I had known Of Coffees and Studies when I was still a freshman in law school. If so, I would have been more inspired to study and become productive because of this Instagram/studygram page.

Apart from their aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos, what makes Of Coffees and Studies worthy of your follow is having a glimpse of the realities of law students, who battle their way through reaching their lawyer dream.

If you’re a Philippine-based law student, who wants to see the real “law school life”, check out Of Coffees and Studies’s Instagram page by clicking the photo below:

law school blog philippines

Amicus Curae Ph

Initially, I followed Amicus Curae Ph on Instagram because of her gorgeous handwritten and digital notes. However, as I go through all her content, there’s more to this studygram than meets the eye.

Be inspired and get useful and #realtalk law school tips from Amicus Curae Ph by following them via Instagram. Just click this photo to check out their page:

law school blog philippines, totetally legal

Atty in Pink

If you’re into anything cute and organized, Atty. in Pink’s Instagram page should be your go-to site. She shares her journey as a recent JD graduate through her aesthetically pleasing and pink studygram! <3

Learn a thing or two about law school productivity by visiting her page. Just click this photo:

law school blogs philippines