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Hello! Are you having problems with your website content?

Need that blog post about a topic you’re passionate about?

Gotta revamp that article to engage more readers?

Wanna have a short or long copy that converts sales for your business?

Perhaps, you need a content writer.

Or, should I say, you need me.

Here’s why: I’m a registered nurse by profession. However, I had worked as a triage nurse, marketing associate, college instructor, defense researcher and analyst, national security specialist, and content writer in the last ten (10) years.

Because of these jobs, I gained significant amount of insight about health, education, territorial defense and national security, and content writing. And if you’re going to add to these my legal training as a Juris Doctor (law) student, I’m also quite familiar with the legal field.

Given my vast experience and horizons as a professional, I truly believe I am someone I can give value to your business and help it achieve greater heights.

I hope we can talk as soon as you’ve decided to take your blog, website, or business to the next level with someone like me.

In the mean time, click here to read some of my sample and published articles.

Writing Skills Development

Do you want to level up your writing skills?

If you, I am here to help.

I’m a professional writer and college instructor, who had taught technical and business writing to various college students in the last 4 years. Surely, I can help you too.

Would you like to unleash your full writing potential or improve your existing writing skills with me?

Speaking Skills Development and Confidence Building

Do stage or crowds scare the hell out of you?

Do you experience a meltdown in front of your professors or classmates?

I taught Speech and Oral Communication in the previous years as I studied law. And I can proudly say that I’d helped a lot of students achieve the confidence level they need to communicate in English through speaking.

Want to give it a shot? 

Speaker and Influencer

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire and motivate your audience to be the best version of themselves?

Or do you need a voice or an influence that can represent and promote your business to a group of driven law students and young professionals?

Well, I can do both.

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I would love to work with businesses, fellow writers, bloggers, or content creators like you!

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