Hello, I’m Tina!

I help my fellow aspiring lawyers (current and incoming law students) get the most out of their law school journey without too much stress and hassle through mindful law school mentoring and law school life coaching.

Surviving and thriving as a working law student

So, here’s a little something about me.

Like most of you, I’m also a law student. I’m currently in my senior year in law school. To be able to send myself to law school, I worked different jobs (as college instructor, content writer, and government employee) in the last seven years.

The roles I assumed in these jobs gave me sufficient exposure in the fields of education, territorial defense and national security, and content writing. These definitely broadened my horizons and perspective in life, which enabled me to create meaningful content for this law school blog and help my fellow aspiring lawyers with their law school or life struggles in an emphatic way.

law school blog

Currently taking a step back to finish my law degree, I’m completing my legal apprenticeship and starting to review for the bar examination while awaiting graduation.

As I do this, I also help and motivate you — my fellow law students and millennial professionals — through this law school blog, law school mentoring, and life coaching.

I’ve always believed we can altogether be productive and inspired to achieve greater heights in everything we do — big or small. So, feel free to reach out to me if you need clarity and more nudging in reaching your dream of becoming a lawyer or successful career professional. (If you’re a law student, you may also want to answer the mini survey found on the right.)

On the side, I am also an influencer and affiliate

With the help of the following platforms, I make it possible for brands and my law student/professional audience to meet halfway and benefit from one another. This is one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a law student blogger and content creator.

You may read about it more here.

At any rate, I thank you for spending time on my humble corner of the cyberspace. I hope you’ll find my law school and lifestyle content here useful.

Welcome! Feel free to stick around.