I got into law school, and it required a maturity I didn’t have at the time.

– Ronny Chieng

Hello! I’m Tina, a senior law student and a lifestyle content creator. I am a registered nurse by profession, who eventually decided to pursue my ultimate dream of becoming an attorney after a couple of years of nursing practice.

To sustain my legal education, I worked as college instructor, content writer, and government employee in the last 7 years. The roles I assumed in these jobs gave me the sufficient exposure in the fields of education, territorial defense and national security, and content writing. These definitely broadened my horizons and perspective in life.

Currently taking a step back to finish my law degree, I’m completing my legal apprenticeship and starting to review for the bar examination while awaiting graduation. As I do this, I also help and motivate you — my fellow law students and millennial professionals — through this blog. I believe we can altogether be productive and inspired to achieve greater heights in everything we do — big or small.

When I’m not busy with law school and reaching out to all of you, I preoccupy myself with exploring other sources of passive income through affiliate marketing. If topics like this interest you, you may become an Involve Asia affiliate like me.


Join me as I go traverse my path as a struggling yet determined student, hurdling her law school life one tote at a time.

Meanwhile, content creation is something that allows me to help my fellow law students and other professionals to become motivated and productive. However, it could be quite challenging sometimes.

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