Law students live a fast-paced and toxic life. 

Very often, students of law have a lot on their plate: tons of textbook and case readings, back to back recitations and written examinations, case digests, legal internships — you name it. Indeed, law school life is toxic.

Law school tasks have the tendency to make law students, like us, feel inadequate. This “I’ll-never-be-good-enough” feeling often leave them exhausted, burnt out, and, most of the time, frustrated.

These are all expected to happen to law students.

But, this doesn’t mean law students will have to be conquered by these.

Law student life coaching makes a lot of difference

If things become too overwhelming to handle, you should consider having someone to help you.

You should consider having a law school life coach.

Law school life coaching is a method of helping and guiding law students (or aspiring law students) in making, achieving, and even surpassing their law school goals. This emerging field has certain benefits law students (or upcoming law students), like you, will surely want to experience.

A person providing law school life coaching is called a law school life coach. And that’s exactly what I am now to you at this point of your life.

My role as your law school life coach

As a law school life coach, my job is to guide you in achieving your goals, experiencing clarity of mind, and finding your life meaning. I do this by giving you series of questions and some practicable suggestions. These questions and suggestions are meant to unlock your deepest desires and fullest potentials.

However, please note that law school life coaching isn’t about spoonfeeding coachees, like you, with mushy inspirational quotes and advice (though it won’t hurt giving you a few once in a while).

Neither will I put on your plate the solutions to your conflicts or struggles. It’s all up to you to formulate them and take courses of action necessary to reach your aspirations. I’m only here to help you clear your path to success.

I’ve always believed you’re a capable, confident, and bright future lawyer. Hence, I firmly believe all you need is a little nudging through law school life coaching.

Why choose me as your law school life coach?

Well, apart from having trained myself to be a coach, I am also a law student myself. As such, I know pretty much what’s going on with you and the struggles that you have to hurdle in law school. Hence, empathizing with your situation becomes second nature to me. I believe this makes my coaching service more unique and relevant than the other ones out there.

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