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Shopee Budol Finds for Law Students This V-Day

shopee budol finds

Are you looking for gift ideas for your beloved law student or yourself (Yes, why not?!) for the upcoming Hearts Day? Or, are you just searching for worthy budol finds to buy during one of those Shopee/Lazada 15.15 sales?

Well, if you fall under any of these two, congratulations! You just got what you’re looking for.

Budol Finds is a hobby these days because internet shopping is ultimately in full swing. It gives people the convenience to browse the things they need on their mobile phones and easily order the item without going out or waiting in long queues. 
- Lumina

In this blog post, I rounded up some cool and cheap finds for yourself or you can give to a law student this love month. I just love sharing my recommendatons with my fellow law students, like you, which is why I suggest you also check out these:

You’re welcome! winks

20 Shopee Budol Finds / Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Law Students


This article contains affiliate links.
If you use these to purchase any or all of the items I recommend here, I may earn some commission with no hidden or additional costs on your part
I don’t recommend items or shops I don’t trust or use or have not verified as credible. nonetheless, you, as consumer, must still do your own research.

#1 Let’s kickstart our Shopee budol finds list with the good old swivel chair

shopee budol finds
Photo by: duodmall

As we embrace the “new normal” and remote learning, wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair to study and attend online classes with?

If you’re thinking of treating yourself for a job well done this past semester, consider getting yourself this.

# 2 Printable Law School Planners + Study Trackers (digital products to include in your Shopee budol finds list)

If you’re looking for cheap yet sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day for a law student-loved one, I believe these are among them. Apart from being so affordable (some of them start at Php 50), these printable products will last a lifetime.

You may have them both in PDF and PNG (image) files, which is perfect most especially if you’re digitizing your notes and planners. On the other hand, you may print them in whatever quantity you like because you’ll be getting your own original file upon purchase.

Smart way to organize your law school life, isn’t it?

# 3 Double Book Stand

Would it be nice to read both your codal and annotated book handsfree – all in one place? I can’t think of any cooler way to do it than by using a double bookstand. This is one of your most raved Shopee budol finds on Instagram, making it worth your next budol purchase.

#4 External Webcam

If you’re like me who uses a beaten up laptop, you probably have a crappy built-in webcam by now. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t prevent you from having a clear output video during your law school online classes or meetings. Upgrade your camera without breaking the bank with this cheap yet useful find.

#5 Spotify on Sintra Board Display

Photo by: einnej_kasoy

Make your law school fight song or favorite study jam easily accessible by getting yourself one of these Spotify Sintra Displays. It’s a good way to uplift your mood and decorate your study room too.

You may also get this as a gift for a loved one whether he or she is in law school or not.

Yeah, that’s how cool this gift idea is.

#6 Law School-Themed Bookmarks (certified law students’ favorite among our “shopee budol finds”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a big population of law students are into stationary items. I’m actually part of this population.

If you’re one of us, then, you’ll certainly love these inspirational and cool law school-themed bookmarks.

#7 Foldable Bean Bag

Sometimes, we tend to oversleep during our reading breaks most especially if we nap in our beds. I discovered a better way to sleep in between readings without sacrificing comfort. And you’ll be needing this bean bag to do it.

# 8 Ottoman Storage

shopee budol finds
Photo by: dearmars

Are you a law student or bar reviewer wanting to maximize your room or study space. If so, you might want to consider getting yourself this piece of furniture. It not only gives you or your guests something to sit on, they’re great for tidying up your space as well. No one would have guessed you have tons of case readings or books inside it.

#9 Another most sought after among our Shopee Budol Finds, the good old Ring Light with Stand

In my previous recommendations, you may recall that I showcased a small ring light you can use for your mobile phones. While it’s convenient to use, we have to admit that it isn’t as bright as a bigger one, isn’t it?

Well, if you want a cheap upgrade in your lighting set up for your law school online classes (or work), this one’s for you. (There’s a sea of ring light shops out there so here’s the shop where I got mine.)

#10 Hanging Organizer

shopee budol finds
Photo by: qhpt2020

Now, this one’s among my all-time faves. My room/study space/work area is tiny. And the only way to organize it is to keep things tidy. This way, it would look more spacious.

With this, I need something I can put my small items and other trinkets in to keep it clean and organized. This is one of those Shopee budol finds that does the trick.

#11 Antibacterial Hand Wash Pods

We can always save Mother Earth even in our own simple ways. And here’s a sanitation product that can get us all started. The cool thing about this handwash pods is they’re encased with an organic material that easily dissolves in water, making them great for household use or travel.

So, you’re not just keeping yourself clean and safe from microbes, you’re saving the environment too!

#12 Wire Binding Machine

Do you know a law student who, for some reasons, loves doing things “extra” by making and compiling book-like law school notes? If you do (or if you fit this description) and you still haven’t got this, well, it’s about time to have one.

This equipment here allows you to bind your thick notes and organize them to your liking. So, if you’re spending a lot on book binding costs, this is definitely a good investment for you.

#13 Desk Rack (another gem in our Shopee budol finds list)

Having a hard time organizing your desktop with boxes or containers? Why not give this minimalist storage desk rack a try? Aside from its sturdiness, it can give your study area/workspace some nordic vibe.

#14 Detachable LED Lights (with Magnets for Mounting)

shopee budol finds
Photo by: npowerph

Here’s another crowd (and my personal)  favorite of the items included in this Shopee Budol Finds list. I mean, who wouldn’t like a bright and detachable reading lamp with various light and brightness settings? What I love about this is you have the option to have these lights with a remote controller. (My occasionally lazy self was rejoicing when I found out!) Plus, the shop that sold me this has an unmatched customer care service!

#15 Desk with Drawers and Built-in Shelves

If you’re thinking of giving your study space a makeover, getting this piece of furniture can surely make a lot of difference. Having one in your room will enable you to enjoy functionality and have more storage space.

I see a lot of studygrammers rave about this piece of furniture. So, if you’re contemplating on giving this a go, now is the best time to do it!

#16 Office Foldable Bed

Sleep and naps are serious business. Yes, they are no matter how absurd it may sound whenever you relate them to the toxicities of law school. And this is something every law student has to know. So, what better way to encourage a good nap or sleep than having a decent bed to sleep in your study area or workstation?

The best thing about this bed is it’s foldable and you can tuck it away underneath your office table, beside your bookshelves, or anywhere that won’t take up much space.

This is definitely a bang for the buck!

#17 External Keyboard

This is one of my personal favorites in our Shopee budol finds list. The soft keys this keyboard has just makes me wanna type my notes and blog all the time. Plus, they have a couple of cool pastel colors to choose from.

#18 Spillage-proof Desk Mat

Photo by: Cleora PH

For coffee drinkers, like me, having a spillage-proof desktop mat sure is a big deal. And having one in a leather-like finish is certainly a good makeover for your desk.

If you’re looking for an affordable, liquid-proof, and non-skid desk mat for your study table, here’s the item you’ve been searching for.

#19 Felt Board

Want to keep all your memos organized in one place? Well, here’s a product you might want to try. Unlike a cork board that requires quite a bit of work on wall mounting or installation, this felt board is very easy to set up. All you gotta do is stick it on your wall and you’re good to go.

#20 Care Package

shopee budol finds
Photo by: CareOpsPH

While law students may often appear unbreakable, the reality is, they need as much love and care as everyone else does. So, why not give them a care package to show them how much you love and appreciate them?

This care package shop is one of my newest discoveries on Instagram.Good thing, they’re in Shopee too. They deliver self-care packages to bar examinees, law students, board examinees, or anyone who might need some.

You’ll surely love what this shop has in store for you.

Share This Shopee Budol Finds List with Your Law School Friends and Loved Ones

I hope the list I made here helped you in a way or two in finding that perfect gift for yourself or your beloved law student. If you find this article useful and think people from your network could use something like this, go ahead and share this on your social media.

Talk to you soon,

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