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My Law School Journal & Why You Must Have One

law school journal

Apart from blogging, I also write on my law school journal to unleash all my thoughts, frustrations, and emotions. I was even more inspired to keep one because of a wonderful lady, journal maker, and crafter, Helen Colebrook. But what made me keep one for good are the number of benefits I derived from it.

Deciding to keep a law school journal

As the eldest in a family of three, I tend to keep my emotions a secret. Perhaps, it is because my family knew me as the strong and independent one.

But sometimes, forcing one’s self to be always “okay” is not even close to being emotionally stable and healthy.

Just like the rest of us, I need some form of good catharsis to channel my thoughts and address my emotions with. So, I decided to keep a journal.

What I use my law school journal for

My notebook of choice is called Viviamo! and is a local brand here in the Philippines. I bought it in Rose Pink color months before the Christmas rush at National Bookstore, one of the most popular local stores here.

Law school journal, Viviamo

Actually, there are two notebooks in this journal. One is unlined while the other one has grids. I am not yet done with the unlined sheets for I only write as often as my schedule or time permits me to.

Law school journal, Viviamo

This Viviamo beauty also has some slit pockets in it where I keep some bookmarks, receipts, and other whatnot. It is just so useful for someone like me who needs constant organization.

Law school journal, Viviamo

Using my journal for everything

As I said, I don’t write often in this journal. But when I do, I make sure that every entry is a reflection of my soul; a collection of words embodying my deepest thoughts and emotions. In addition, as this is also my “law school journal” (if there is such a thing), I likewise use this to document my law school challenges and triumphs. I jot down encouraging quotes and Bible Scriptures with this to remind me of why I started dreaming to become a lawyer and why I am working hard my way to achieving it.

James 1:12

goals, vision board
With my journal, I could write and do anything under the sun. So, I also use it to map out my thoughts, worries, goals, and accomplishments.

law school procrastination, anxiety, insomnia, sleep deprivation

law school maturity, law student, Ronny Cheng
Yeah… This is one of the most painful yet worthiest lessons I’ve learned in law school.

Apart from writing down my thoughts, I also use this trusty journal to preserve all my law school keepsakes in one place. Here’s my Halcyon ticket I got from attending my law school’s post-bar party for our beloved barristers in 2018.

Arellano University School of Law, AUSL, Halcyon

Likewise, I use this journal to map out my study schedule and other lawschool-related stuff that I need to accomplish.

I even doodle some reminders to wake myself up from the reality that procrastination is the worst thing I could possibly do in law school.

I recommend having or, at least, trying to have your own personal journal

As I previously mentioned, my journal is a form of catharsis for me. I get to dump everything I have in mind on it.

If there’s something bothering me, I just write them down on my law school journal. It allows me to organize my thoughts and see my dilemma in a fresher and more constructive perspective.

Through this journal, I now have the clarity and peace of mind I thought I’ll never have. If you are a law student and want to achieve these, I suggest you keep a law school journal as well.

Do you have your own journal too? Let us know in the comments below.

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