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A Sneak Peak to My Small Fountain Pen Collection

Whenever I look at my fountain pens, I can’t help but ask myself, “What did just happen?”

I am still in awe how one subdued pen started these all.

What started my fountain pen craze?

I began my love for fountain pens with my low-key Parker, the red fountain pen from the utmost left (see photo above).  I bought it only for compliance in one of my law school subjects. My bright and beautiful law prof professor therein (Atty. Ranada) wanted us to use fountain pens. So, I grabbed the chance when Parker pens went on promo.

Then I told myself, “Ang hirap naman magsulat nito. Hindi na ako gagamit nito!” (Writing with a fountain pen is difficult. I will never use one ever again!”)

However, never thought it would make me fall in love to handwriting and fountain pen writing even more. The next thing I know, I already have 11 fountain pens in my stash.

What comprises my fountain pen collection?

The big boy next to my Parker is my beloved and ever reliable (but sometimes pesky) TWSBI Eco. Now, taking law school exams will never be the same without it.

The pink one next to the TWSBI Eco is a Wingsung Fountain Pen. I also have it in black but I gave it to my love, Jumel, for his sketches and artworks. He uses pens as an art media so I thought it would help.

Then, the multi-colored Shark Pens came next. Again, I gave the black Shark Pen that originally came with them to Jumel as well. (Obviously, he is my sole and exclusive fountain pen beneficiary. Lol.)

Next, I got the three fountain pens with transparent bodies from, Anna, a good friend (she sells inks and fountain pens too). I got them because of their stub nibs; nothing more. Admittedly, I tinker with them and my TWSBI Eco time after time.

Finally, the pink beauty on the utmost right is the newest member of the squad. I got it from another law school friend and sister, Karla.

Do fountain pens break the bank?

“Are they expensive?” Some would ask.

While there are a handful of fountain pens on the pricey side of the spectrum (e.g. Montblanc), my collection is actually on the cheaper side. Apart from the TWSBI Eco, which I bought as my “victory pen” – -a gift for myself — everything else are super affordable. Pinky promise!

The real fulfillment behind fountain pens

I am not after the brand or the latest (or most popular) fountain pen model. To tell you honestly, whatever these fountain pens’ price points are, for me, they don’t really matter that much.

It’s not always just about the pen.

It’s the purpose that you write about and use it for.

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