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Benefits of Online Games to Law Students You Thought Didn’t Exist

benefits of online games

Yes, you read it right — there are benefits of online games to law students, which most of us haven’t maximized yet.

I know and understand that you are surprised. I can imagine that skeptic frown you’re doing now as you read this.

Well, who wouldn’t?

In the first place, we were taught that online games are bad for our physical health and cognitive development. Almost all of us had surely seen how most people would ostracize online and computer games (Shoutout to my mother! Lol.)

However, what most of us don’t realize is that they’re actually good both for kids and adults.

And yes, to law students as well.

5 Benefits of Online Games to Law Students or Anyone

Who says online video gaming is bad for law students? Here’s a list of benefits that online game lovers, like me, enjoy.

#1 — Developing a sharper mind is one of the benefits of online games to law students

Yes, you read it right. Among the benefits of online games, especially complex ones, are developed critical thinking and improved analytical skills.

You’re most likely to think or strategize whenever you’re playing an online game. This is so you can win or beat a certain level, or finish your way through a game. This stimulates and activates deeper parts of your brain, which improves memory and overall brain health.

Personally, this is one of the benefits I really want to take advantage of off online gaming. Of course, playing online games all day is destructive. However, I believe it won’t hurt to do this during our study or work breaks to recharge ourselves.

For this purpose, I always play the Adventure Time Frosty Fight online game which I recently discovered. This is a simple yet logic-driven yet no-pressure game that’s quite enjoyable to play during breaks.


#2 — Enhanced multi-tasking skills

Law students need to develop their multi-tasking skills if they want to juggle their schedule adequately. Who would have thought playing online games can help you with this?

One of the benefits of online games is an improvement on one’s multi-tasking skills and ability to process information. In fact, a study conducted on elderly respondents showed a link between enhanced multi-tasking and playing online/video games. In this study, elderly subjects exhibited improvement in their multi-tasking abilities after playing a racing video game for a month and with 12 hours allotted on each gaming session.

If you’re working on your multi-tasking skills, you may want to look for video games to develop this skill. Perhaps, you may want to try playing this Wacky Races Highway Heroes Racing Online Game, which has become one of my recent favorites to beat stress and boredom.

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#3 — Better balance and gait

Are you clumsy? Do you trip off easily?

Perhaps, you need some online gaming in your life.

Based on studies, one of the benefits of online games is having better gait (or the way you stand, move, or walk) and balance. Indeed, this may sound odd since gait is more like a musculo-skeletal thing. However, our bodily movements are actually controlled by certain brain centers. For balance and gait, our cerebellum is the one in charge.

So, how in the world does gait and video gaming relate?

Well, there’s this study, which The Journals of Gerontology published. It established the connection between cognitive decline and increased risk for injuries among elderly adults.

In this study, researchers observed cognitive decline happening to older adults who lack brain training. Also, this research led to the discovery that cognitive training plays a big role in improving balance and gait among elders.

Now, this is where video gaming comes in. As we know, it is a great way to keep the brain engaged and stimulated. Accordingly, your cognitive functions improve when you stimulate your brain. In turn, it positively affects your balance and gait since our brain — particularly the cerebellum — control these two.

#4 — Mood Booster and Stress-Relief (among the benefits of online games most people miss out on)

Law students often experience stress, anxiety, and depression due to the high demands of law school. Hence, playing online games during their breaks or free time is something they should consider.

The benefits of online games on a person’s mood and stress response are backed by scientific research. In fact, experts from Stetson University (U.S.A.) found decreased stress levels in people after playing online games.

In addition, online games are said to boost your mood as well.

Recently, I’m hooked to playing a simulation game called Open Restaurant. I’ve never worked in a resto before, but I’m surprised to be enjoying this.

benefits of online gaming, law students, law school blogs, law student bloggers
Open Restaurant Simulation Game (Source:

Simulation games are so fun especially if you want something laid back and chill to play during your study breaks. If you’d like to try another game, consider playing one of my favorites — Supermarket!

law students, law school blogs, law student bloggers
Supermarket (Source:

#5 — There are online games that brush up your mathematical skills


But, yeah, I’m not kidding. There are actually online games that were made to do just this. And to be honest, this is one of the benefits of online gaming law students will surely love.

However, you might ask, “Do I need to be good in Math to be in or survive law school?”

Actually, you do.

You see, there are legal concepts and law subjects that will put your mathematical skills to test. One subject I wouldn’t forget is Succession. Here, your professor will surely ask you to determine the legitimes of all the heirs in the hypothetical problem. Then, there’s your Taxation Law.

But, take note: you make all these computations in fractions and without calculators (Savage? I know right!) So, what better way to prepare for these subjects than brush up on your math!

Accordingly, I found some math-related online games that you can play on your browser, without downloading any app or whatnot:

Slay dragons and enemies using your mathematical prowess.

benefits of online games

Help this brave little boy to fight monsters through might and math!

#6 — One of the benefits of online games is increase in your typing speed

These days, universities and licensure committees are geared towards online exams. In fact, even the Philippine bar examinations, which have always been answered by bar examinees through handwriting, is now online. Considering these recent changes, it would be best to improve your typing speed as early as now.

Why typing speed?

Well, bar exams are among the longest tests a person can ever encounter in his lifetime. This is especially true if you’re a law graduate. From where I’m from, for instance, bar exams are in essay form. In addition, each essay question has its own set of sub- or follow up questions.

So, you have to type really fast for you to be able to answer all these questions within the limited time given to you. Hence, you really have to practice your typing skills now.

Apart from typewriting notes and blogging, playing typing games also helps increase your typing speed. For this purpose, I find these games from very helpful:

benefits of online games

Share these benefits of online games with your law student friends

Now that you know the wonders of playing online games, it’s about time to share this article with your law student friends or law school classmates. Altogether, you can play my browser game recommendations, which are fun to play but never addictive and destructive.

Happy studying… and playing!

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