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Congratulations, New Blood of Lawyers!

This year, things have been a little different, most especially in view of the COVID-19 (Sars-CoV-2 virus) outbreak. Instead of the announcement of the Philippine Bar Examinations passers happening in May, and within the Supreme Court grounds or vicinity, shouts of victory are now being heard at homes alone. Thus, today, at about lunch time, the Philippine Supreme Court released the roster of successful 2019 bar examinees amidst the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) or “lockdown” being implemented throughout Metro Manila. (Log on to the Supreme Court’s Official Website to view the list.)

When I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed earlier this morning, I got excited as I saw posts containing encouragement for those who took the 2019 Bar Exams. My excitement emanated not from the fact that I passed, as that is certainly not going to happen just yet (I am still studying, guys. Easy…), but from the thought that there have been new breed of lawyers who will be taking the oath in the next couple of weeks. They are new bloods, who I can only hope will become our modern-day bulwarks of the Philippine’s Constitution, and catalysts of justice and positive transformation.

Lawyers are the foot soldiers of our constitution.

– Anonymous

To all my fellow Arellanites (or law school friends) who made it to the list, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve to be rewarded with this tremendous amount of success for all the sacrifices you made (just like everyone else in our realm) just to achieve your coveted lawyer dream.

To those whose names were not found in the roster, PLEASE, never consider yourselves as failure. I humbly believe that this is all but a part of the continuous process that will shape you to become better versions of yourselves as you get to where you want to be. Besides, being able to conquer four grueling Sundays of intensive bar examinations is a victory in itself. Thenceforth, you deserve everyone’s respect as hurdling the bar exams is never an easy feat.

I am happy for all who had triumphed their roadblocks and were able to pass the bar examinations. May the Almighty God allow me to get that “ATTY.” in His beautiful and perfect time.

I will (we will) get there, IN JESUS’ NAME!

Totetally Legal

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