Congratulations, our new Arellano Lawyers! Hail to the Chiefs!

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(First published by The Open Concavity on 4 May 2019.)

The 2018 Philippine Bar Examination Results went out on May 3, 2019. After almost six months of grueling anticipation, bar examinees of said year had finally known the “verdict” — the result that, for most of them, might make or break them.

According to news sources, only one thousand eight hundred (1800), out of eight thousand one hundred fifty eight (8,158) examinees passed last year’s bar examination held during the four Sundays of November 2018. This is equivalent to 22.07% passing rate.

Despite having the most number of examinees admitted to take the bar, the November 2018 bar examination is among the bar exam seasons in the history of the Philippines that had a low passing rate.

Arellano University School of Law Has 127 New Lawyers

Even though I am not yet a barrister (bar examinee) – as I am way behind my expected bar exam year – I couldn’t help but be happy for some of my friends, former classmates, and batch mates in Arellano University School of Law (AUSL) who graduated ahead of me and made it through the 2018 bar examination. As a fellow Arellanite, I celebrate their triumphs and recognize the hard work they had to do just to reach most coveted lawyer dream.

So, my friends, I proudly present to you the list of our new Arellano Lawyers:


What more can I say than, HAIL TO THE CHIEFS!

Yellow and Black Beers Congratulations Card

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