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Law School Productivity Free Study Plans for You

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One thing I’ve observed that undermines law school productivity is PROCRASTINATION. With this in mind, I find this quote relevant to this subject matter:

No one could have ever said it better than Mark Twain!

As I battle procrastination myself, I thought I’d share another batch of free law school printables for my fellow law students. (I also made some before. If you’re interested in getting those as well, just click here.)

Basically, here’s how my current law school productivity printables look like:

law school productivity

Download your free law school productivity plans / printables now

For these printables, I came up with three (3) color schemes to choose from. I am a fan of pastel colors so I opted for teal, soft purple, and baby pink. (It’s weird but highlighters and other office/study supplies in these colors make studying more motivating for me.)

If you think these Totetally Legal law school productivity printables might be useful for you or a fellow law student, feel free to download any or all of the law school plans below.

Just click the pop-out icon on the upper right corner of the scroll box of your choice.

Baby Pink


Light Purple

Gray Law School Study Plan

Again, let me remind you that I made some study plan / productivity templates previously. To download them too, click here.

Also, as we all know, sharing is caring, right?

Thus, please don’t forget to share them with your law school friends. They might need them as much as we do. Just click on any of the social media sharing buttons found above and below this article and you’re good to go.

Thank you for your continued interest with my little creations. Here’s to hoping I can create more despite demands of my law studies and work.

Until then, happy studying!

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