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How to Stay Motivated in Law School: 7 Simple Tips to Try

how to stay motivated in law school

I’ve been studying law for almost 7 years now. Until now, a lot of friends and acquaintances ask me my secrets on how to stay motivated in law school.

Law school is never a walk in the park. Most horror stories you hear about it (if you ever heard one) are true — sleepless nights, tons of readings, horrible recitations, death of social life, and toxic life.

Not to mention, my being a working student made it more challenging for me to keep up with law school life. However, I didn’t budge even with the most difficult law subject and “terror” professor. I did everything in my power to stay motivated so I can keep up with the demands of law school.

And this is what I want to discuss in this blog post.

How to stay motivated in law school

How to stay motivated in law school

As one chooses to study law, law school life then becomes his lifestyle. This is something you have to remember, alongside the following techniques I personally tried on how to stay motivated in law school:

Remembering the reason why you started studying law is cornerstone on how to stay motivated in law school

Whenever I feel like quitting law school, I always remind myself the reasons I studied law — public service and stability.

I want to become a lawyer so (hopefully) I can join the ranks of lawyers in the government whose job is to facilitate just, expedient, and adequate administration of justice. Also, I want to have a career that can support my family while allowing me to use my skillset and do what I love.

Remembering the reason why you started enrolling in law school will help you get through anything just to finish your studies. It will serve as the fuel that will ignite your passion and motivation.

“But what is a good reason to think of, Tina?”, you might ask.

Well, I’d say WHATEVER. In motivating yourself through law school, it is and will never be a question of what is good enough”. If you chose to study law because the Suits influenced you to do so, then, it is good enough reason so long as it gives you the motivation and grit to continue. No reason is big or small either.

Seek expert knowledge on the matter

There’s no better way to know how to stay motivated in law school than learning from experts and case reports. Consequently, law students who might need a boost should consider reading case studies or written works on the matter. This way, they’ll be able to get tried-and-tested methods.

One rich source of expert knowledge on motivation would be e-books! Actually, reading e-books were one of the ways that worked for me because there’s so much titles and works to choose from. 

Here are some motivation e-books I personally love and curated. Through this, I hope I can help my fellow law students to learn how to stay motivated in law school and excel more in their classes and life endeavors:

The good thing about these books is that they’re in PDF form. Hence, it’s easy to retrieve and re-read them in case you missed out on something.

You can also print there on any kind of paper at anytime. Or, if you’re into digitized stuff, you can just read them on your tablet or e-reader.

Go check them out in my shop here.

Inspire yourself some more

It’s nice to read inspirational or motivational quotes, but it’s better if you’ll see them. So, why not create doodles, journal entries, or collages about them?

Things like these help me make everyday affirmations and feel more motivated to achieve my goals. Here is something I made just a few days ago:

how to stay motivated in law school

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Recent studies show that exercise and increased physical activity (even lightweight exercise) help elevate one’s energy and motivation.

During exercise, our body releases its natural hormones called endorphins, which give it the burst of energy it needs. These hormones also give you that happy feeling that can get you going as you later study for law school classes.

Exercise as a way of increasing motivation is no joke as I tried it myself. Never did I imagine that a 22-minute Youtube Zumba tutorial can make a great difference in my mind and body. I love it because it didn’t take up much of my time and it helped me cutdown on my caffeine intake.

Listening to some music is another simple way on how to stay motivated in law school

Scientific researches report that music can actually increase one’s motivation and focus. Music allows the brain’s release of dopamine, which is responsible in regulating a person’s motivation and goal orientation.

So, it should not come as a surprise why you feel stimulated when you listen to your favorite music while studying, making your outline, or digesting/briefing cases.

To be motivated, any music would do. You can listen to your favorite pop, rap, or classical music. Also, there are lots of free lofi beats and ambient study music on Youtube and Spotify you can choose from.

Get good quality sleep

Law school demands long hours of wakefulness and stimulation. Accordingly, you cannot achieve and sustain these when you lack good quality sleep,

Whether or not you’re having good quality sleep depends on a number of factors. To know, you may want to ask these questions:

  • Can I fall asleep in under 30 minutes?
  • Do I wake up during my sleep for more than 5 minutes?
  • Do I remain asleep 85 per cent of the time I’m in bed?

The belief “sleep is a waste of time in law school” should be abandoned from now on. Nothing beats having good or adequate sleep. Not even caffeine can save us.

So, if you’re lacking motivation in law school, this is something you might want to consider improving on. Consequently, you may start by achieving a consistent bedtime routine before anything else.

Accomplish small yet realistic goals

Whenever you leave tasks undone, you sure can feel the most unproductive and useless human being in your law school or university. And when you feel this way, your motivation to continue is surely jeopardized.

how to stay motivated in law school
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Sounds familiar, right?

I had my fair share of self-pity in the past because I felt so inadequate. It felt like I was underachieving despite having the will to accomplish more law school tasks. Unfortunately, little did I realize that the problem was the way I go about my tasks.

To remedy my previous situation, I stopped cluttering my planner with tasks I know I can’t accomplish on a specific day. I limited my to-dos to a maximum of three urgent and priority activities to make sure I can get them ALL done.

Take a rest without having to be guilty about it

Whenever I’d interact with my juniors and fellow studygrammers, I would usually hear from them how awful they feel for having to allot a day or two for rest and study break. It’s as if oversleeping in the mornings and taking a day’s leave is a mortal sin.

Okay, first of all, it isn’t. No one will ever condemn you for resting and recuperating from law school other than yourself.

Contrary to what you may believe at this point, rest is the best way for your body to recharge for another “law school battle”. This will not only make you more motivated and energized in the days ahead, it will also strengthen your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. Missing your online classes is the last thing you want to experience, isn’t it?

So, sleep and rest if you must. You owe your determined and hardworking self some of these.

Share these simple tips on how to stay motivated in law school

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We’d also love to hear from you. So, feel free to start a discussion below.

Happy studying!

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