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How to Survive Law School by Knowing Yourself

how to survive law school

Recently, LLM Guru, an Instagram page dedicated to Master of Laws-related resources reached out to me for an IGTV collaboration. It would be something along the lines of law student motivation, productivity, and inspiration. Hence, what better topic to pitch in than my insights on how to survive law school.

In this blog post, I will talking about the single yet most effective way I discovered in order to hurdle my way to law school.

How to Survive Law School by [Truly] Knowing Yourself

As a working and struggling law student, I know how it feels to be demotivated, disoriented, and stagnated at times. So, I agreed to make a video on the technique that made me survive law school.

By the way, just in case reading is not your thing, you may just watch my Youtube video on below.

Know yourself and thrive in law school

When you go to law school, you have to devise a way how to survive it. In order to do so, one has to recognize that law school is never a walk in the park.

Actually, it’s more like a battle. Therefore, being unprepared and unequipped is the last thing that you should do.

In the following section, I will be with you what I needed to know about myself in order to survive and thrive in law school.

5 questions I asked to know myself better so I can survive law school

As I went through my law school journey, I realized that the only “weapon” I have to survive law school is not found in bookstores or specialty shops.

It is ME.

By knowing myself, I’d be able to confront my fears and come into terms with all my struggles. By finding the true me, I discovered how to survive and thrive in law school, given the means I have at hand.

In doing so, I had to resolve the following:

  1. Learning style that work for me
  2. Time of the day when I am most comfortable studying
  3. Stuff that motivates me
  4. Things that jump start my day
  5. My strengths and limitations as a law student?

By knowing the answers these, I was able to know myself BETTER. This newly found self-awareness enabled me to accept what I cannot change and maximize what I already have. This helped me to survive, if not excel, in all my law school endeavors.

Many thanks to LLM GURU for the opportunity to reach out to fellow law students

Coming up with my first ever Totetally Legal video won’t be possible without the LLM Guru reaching out to me. It sparked my interest to filming my our collaboration video.

I dedicate this work not just for my fellow Filipino law students, but for all law students worldwide. I hope this helps them in a way or two in their law school journey.

If you’re interested in pursuing Master of Laws in the near future, LLM Guru’s IG page might be the one you’re looking for.  Check them out for more resources and advice.

In case you want to see the actual Instagram videos I made with them, here they are:

Share this post and help a fellow law student

If you have law student friends/classmates, this might be the short resource they’re looking for. Consequently, feel free to share this article them. Who knows, these might help them get back on track and discover their greater potentials as law students.

May we all stay safe and resilient through this trying time.

Happy studying!

how to surivive law school

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