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International Model United Nations Online Conference 46.0: Is it Worth It?

Lately, you had probably noticed a handful of my promotional posts about International Model United Nations (International MUN or IMUN). I even made a blog post about it as part of my stint as their Official Campus Ambassador.

Basically, I’ve been inviting everyone recently to join IMUN online international conferences. This was pretty hard to do at first because I hadn’t attended any of their events. So, I decided to join one of their online conferences. This way, I can verify if IMUN online conferences are truly what others claim them to be.


My engagement as IMUN ambassador ended in April 2021. Hence, I cannot directly assist interested / prospective participants in any IMUN conference. This article (and those published in this website relating to IMUN) are merely for information or educational purposes only.

Should you be interested to join any of IMUN’s online conferences, please complete your transactions or course through your queries directly to their team, via their social media handles or official website.

My International Model United Nations (IMUN) Online Conference 46.0 Experience

I registered for the 46.0 IMUN Online Conference. It was held last 27-28 February 2021.

I chose these conference dates because the global issues thereon interested me a lot. Then, I paid 9 USD (more or less Php 480) to get my slot.

International Model United Nations Conference Registration process

Luckily, I didn’t have any issue or bad experience with registration and payment. The payment facility I used was Paypal and the process was a no-brainer.

Also, the conference fee is meager and reasonable. I’m quite surprised about this since IMUN conferences are prestigious, well known worldwide, and United Nations-recognized.

Conference prep

IMUN wasn’t kidding at all when they said in their promos that participants will be trained well.

Days prior to the scheduled IMUN conference, the IMUN Team asked me to do some preparations. They asked me to go over conference study materials and rules of procedure.

I’m like, “Are you seriously giving me an ‘assignment?!”.

But, I did whole-heartedly as the IMUN conference guidelines told.

Conference proper

The online conference was conducted in two days. During those times, we did nothing except learn our committee topics, do public speaking, and advocate for the stand of our respective country delegation.

The whole process was overwhelming at first. Nonetheless, the IMUN team and Board of Dais made it a point that everyone would feel comfortable. They also patiently taught us the conduct of a real United Nations deliberation.

The IMUN Board of Dais treated everyone equally. It didn’t matter whether you are a first-time delegate, campus ambassador (like me), or a seasoned IMUN delegate. They gave us all the opportunity and platform to speak up what we know and think what’s best for the countries we represented.

In just a few hours, I was able to get the hang of this conference. Before I knew it, I was already enjoying and learning a lot from the discussions.

Conclusion of the conference

The IMUN taught us how to come up with certain United Nations documents. This had definitely sparked my interest as I had never encountered this type of exercise.

Yeah, not even in law school.

During the conference, we debated and discussed global issues. We also made position papers, working papers, and draft resolutions. These were all challenging yet fulfilling at the same time.

Lastly, we had this little awarding ceremony in the end. And never did I expect to get a verbal commendation! While I didn’t join the conference for any recognition, it still felt good to have all my efforts rewarded!

International Model United Nations

Will I continue promoting International MUN’s Online Conferences in the weeks to come?


IMUN Conferences are worth spending for! I highly suggest that parents, educators, and the youth should look into these events as a supplement to learning and education.

The International MUN gave me the exposure I needed to hone my skills even more. I learned things which the four corners of our law school classrooms weren’t able to teach me.

How I wish I had known the International Model United Nations when I was younger. If I did, I could have harnessed my existing skills and developed new ones. It would have helped me a lot in my college and law school life.

What others have to say about the IMUN Online Conference 46.0?

Apparently, I am not the only one who enjoyed and learned a lot from this recently concluded conference. Here are some feedback from a few of the Filipino delegates to the IMUN Online Conference 46.0:

You, too, can level up yourselves. Join the International Model United Nations online conferences now!

If you want to experience the same level of training and satisfaction I had, you can always log on to International Model United Nation’s official website. Browse their upcoming conferences and join their events right at the comfort of your home. They also give out announcements via their Facebook page, so, you may want to head over there as well.

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