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International MUN 2021: Make Your Voice Count!

You have probably heard about the International MUN already If you’re interested on anything diplomacy and international affairs.

If this is the case, you’re lucky to have known it at this point in time.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me.

Before I took up law, I didn’t care about global issues at all.

Back then, I thought world peace, security, and order were just for state leaders and politicians.

Little did I know that the youth, myself included, can actually participate in matters concerning these issues.

As an International MUN Campus Ambassador, I don’t want you to experience the same kind of ignorance I had in the past. So, please allow me to share with you more about the this international body.


My engagement as IMUN ambassador ended in April 2021. Hence, I cannot directly assist interested / prospective participants in any IMUN conference. This article (and those published in this website relating to IMUN) are merely for information or educational purposes only.

Should you be interested to join any of IMUN’s online conferences, please complete your transactions or course through your queries directly to their team, via their social media handles or official website.

What is International MUN?

First thing’s first: what is International MUN really about?

The International Model United Nations (IMUN) is an international body that provides an avenue for the youth from different parts of the globe to assemble, exchange ideas and experiences, and learn about the United Nations, diplomacy, and international relations.

Basically, IMUN simulates the United Nations. In doing so, it allows its youth delegates to experience what it’s like to be a representative of the United Nations, other international bodies, and national cabinets.

Accordingly, the IMUN provides the youth an opportunity to debate on and discuss global issues the way our state and international leaders would. This happens through conferences which it holds every year for the members of the youth sector to participate.

In fact, amidst the on-going pandemic, the IMUN will be holding its 2021 Online Conference on 27-28 February 2021.

The 2021 International MUN Online Conference

Global issues, diplomacy, and international relations are something we, the youth, should be concerned about. Fortunately, the IMUN recognizes this and is willing to provide a platform for the youth to get involved through its yearly conferences.

For 2021, the IMUN Conference will be holding its online conference on 27-28 February 2021. Just like the conferences it had in the past, this online conference aims to be a forum for free and productive dialogues and discussion on complex world issues.

What are the objectives of this conference?

The IMUN aims to accomplish the following through this conference:

  • Develop deeper knowledge on current global issues and improve critical thinking.
  • Strengthen their diplomacy skills and develop ideas to solve current international problems.
  • Improve researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.
  • Differentiate between the parliament and the UN, while distinguishing power struggle from diplomacy.
  • Improve international exposure by gaining experiences from delegates across the world.

Why should I join the 2021 IMUN Online Conference?

As successors of our current world leaders, we, the youth, should grab every opportunity to prepare ourselves on our turn to lead the world or our communities in the years to come. And there’s no better way to do this than join the 2021 IMUN conference to be held this month.

Through this event, you will surely learn and gain diplomacy, public speaking, debate, writing, and critical thinking skills. These will definitely help you make a difference in the world someday. If not, perhaps land a job at the United Nations?

International MUN

Meanwhile, if you’re an international relations or foreign service student or a law student, you’ll surely benefit from this online conference as well. The IMUN will give you an exceptional experience that no text or law book can teach you.

Is this a paid conference?

Yes. But, the good news is, it won’t break the bank!

International MUN

With just 9 USD (more or less Php 440 as of date), you’ll be able to be part of this prestigious assembly right at the comfort of your own home. Plus, you’ll have access to IMUN study guides and training materials, and have an IMUN certificate issued in your name!

Join the 2021 International MUN Online Conference now!

Should you be interested to be part of any of IMUN’s online conferences just log on to IMUN’s official website for more information.

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