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Law School Essentials: 12 Online Class Must-Haves

Before the pandemic happened, we pretty much know what law school essentials to get. Of course, we have the usual: pens, highlighters, sticky notes, index cards, notebooks, binders, and the like.

But with the advent of online learning amidst the pandemic, this list of “essentials” has surely changed. These days, we need more than just a set of pens and highlighters to get us through our online classes and the pandemic.

10 Law School Essentials for Online Classes

If you’re a newbie law student (a freshman) looking for law school stuff to get you through your online classes and this pandemic, here are some of my recommendations:


This article contains affiliate links. If you use these to purchase any or all of the items I recommend here, I may earn some commission with no hidden or additional costs on your part. I don’t recommend items I don’t trust or use. So, rest assured that everything you find here are trustworthy and legit.

Law School Essential # 1 — External Keyboard

Studies report that the ideal distance between a person and his computer monitor must be at least 51 centimeters (or 20 inches). This distance is not only convenient, but also ensures wellness while working or studying from home.

law school essentials
I got this affordable keyboard from Shopee. It’s not as expensive as the fancy brands we have out there, but it does the job excellently.

One great way to achieve this ideal distance is by arranging your computer monitor and keyboard accordingly.

On the other hand, if you’re using a laptop and would like to achieve this ergonomic set up, you should definitely try getting yourself an external keyboard.

There are so many keyboards to choose from. But if you’ll ask me, I recommend you pick that which has silent and soft keys to touch, just like this one I got from Shopee.

If you’d like to purchase one for yourself, click this link and it will lead you to the shop where I bought it from.

#2 — Cloud Storage

It’s easier to organize all law school-related files (lecture notes or downloaded video/audio presentations) if you have them in one place. So, what better way to do this than have a reliable cloud storage to secure all your digital materials.

law school essentials

You have so many free websites to choose from these days. Two of the popular ones most law students use are Dropbox and Google Drive. Unfortunately, Dropbox only has around 4 GB storage capacity for its free account while Google Drive has around 15 GB to start with.

4 GB and 15 GB aren’t that bad for starters. However, I know a better cloud storage provider that gives you 20 GB capacity on a free account.

It’s called Treasure. And if you sign up using my link, you can get 20 GB for FREE on a free/ standard account.

You can sign up here to get that free 20 GB of yours!

#3 — Law School Printables

law school essentials
Case digest, case digest checklist

Yes, online classes are convenient. However, this doesn’t make it any lesser complicated to deal with than face-to-face (pre-pandemic) class set up. Just the same, we need to be organized with our law school online learning.

One great way to do this is to use digital products or printables that will allow you to organize your class schedule, track your study hours, arrange your case readings, or even plan your monthly law school tasks.

Actually, I have affordable printables designed with our law school needs in mind. You can print them over and over, or edit them on your laptop or tablet. So convenient, right?

Click here to check them out.

#4 — Laptop Stand

If you’re having backpains while on your laptop, it’s most likely that it is not in a good position and height. To solve this problem, you might want to consider getting yourself a laptop stand.

law school essentials

Laptop stands elevate laptops at a certain height, which can give you the following benefits:

Also, these stands save your laptops from coffee and other liquid spillages. *Winks*

If you want to get yourself a good yet affordable laptop stand and experience these benefits yourself, just click here.

#5 — Microphone

law school essentials

No matter how brilliant your ideas or online class presentations are, they could go down the drain if your professors wouldn’t hear your voice clearly during recitations or cold calls.

So, it’s good to have something to amplify your voice — a microphone.

If you want to step up your game and want something fancier than a built in headset or earphone mic, getting a decent condenser microphone is something you should consider.

I recently got a microphone that I love using not just for classes, but also for my zoom work meetings, podcasts, and vlogs. It’s great for starters and is not too expensive to invest on.

Here’s a sample recording to give you a glimpse of its sound quality:

If you want to see if this is something you’ll enjoy using for your online classes, click here.

#6 — Headset or Earphones

You wouldn’t want to miss whatever your professor is saying or asking, would you? So, unless you have bionic ears and a utopia-ish sound-proof environment, you’re gonna need a good headset or decent earphones.

I never thought I’m going to get great deals and still enjoy quality products!

There are so many items to choose from on the internet. However, they’re either good-yet-pricey or cheap-yet-crappy. Good thing, I’ve tested some and had finally settled and been satisfied with a few, which I’ll recommend here.

Headset as one of your “law school essentials”

If you prefer headsets, perhaps you’ll like this Tribit Headset I recently got. Not only does it have great sound quality, it also has long battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and a plug that you can connect to your laptop or gadgets. Plus, it comes with a sturdy case.

If you’re a streamer or podcaster, this is a great option too. Click here to get yourself one.


You don’t have to spend a lot on ear phones. If you want to take things slow, this might be the option for you. Check out these earphones which I’d say were bang for the buck.

#7 — Mini ring light

Law school recitations are a mainstay in our legal education system. Not even the pandemic and online classes can eliminate them. So, we have to do our best to look presentable on camera.

One way to do this is to use a ring light. Yes, that “miracle” that makes vloggers’ or content creators’ Youtube videos or Instagram Reels bright and vivid.

However, I believe you don’t have to spend much on one.

With this, I found the perfect alternative for you — a mini ring light. It gets the job done as a regular and bulky ring light set would, but only smaller and way cheaper

If you think this is something you’ll need for your online classes or vlogging, click here to get yourself one.

#8 — Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

If you’re a long-time laptop owner/user, you might have mastered using your touchpad by now.

However, I bet you’d agree that there are times when it’s just easier and more convenient to use a mouse.

Personally, I love using bluetooth mouse. But, I’ve always wanted something that didn’t require AAA+ batteries to operate.

Good thing, I found a mouse (see photo on the left) that is not only bluetooth enabled, but also RECHARGEABLE.

Want one for yourself in the color of your choice? Click here.

#9 — Coffee Drips are law school essentials too

We don’t need caffeine to be focused or productive. But, come to think of it — having some caffeine rush won’t hurt, right?

One of my favorite ways of having my coffee is having it poured straight from pre-packed coffee drips. They look like tea bags but with cardboard attachments on both sides to anchor them on mugs or coffee cups.

I found one that is organic yet reasonably priced. It isn’t only good for your health, buying some could help our local coffee farmers too.

Click here to give my recent caffeine discovery a try.

#10 — USB Hub Splitter

I know, a USB Hub Splitter device is not entirely related to law school or our law studies. But, hey, we can always purchase something that will be useful for us in the long run, right?

law school essentials

I consider this gadget as one of my best purchases for 2021 because it’s super cheap and functional. With it, I can plug in all my flash drives, external keyboard, bluetooth mouse, and usb-compatible microphone all at once, which I wouldn’t be able to do through my laptop usb ports.

If this is something you’ve been looking for, you can click this link to order.

#11 — Face Mask Leash / Lanyard

At times, we’re constrained to get out of the house to run some errands or pick things up (e.g. purchasing essential goods). Then, we may get thirsty and hungry along the way. And as we do, it’s inevitable to remove our face masks momentarily.

I’ve always wanted something to hold my face mask close by whenever I’m in al fresco dining. So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a classy yet affordable face mask leash or lanyard.

This face mask lanyard is so versatile. Apart from your face mask, you can also use it as a necklace (the golden chain and pearls were really something) or eye glasses leash. Truly, this is worth every peso I spent on it.

Wanna have one for yourself? Click here to order it from the online shop I discovered.

#12 — Portable Blender (my favorite from this law school essentials list)

A jampacked online class schedule is not only draining — it compromises your nutrition too. There will be times when you’ll be constrained to skip meals just to deal with it. But, we all know that’s a bad idea.

So, blending is something law students like us should consider, especially to get by even in short breaks.

Here’s a portable blender I got from Shopee. I really love this because it has safety features which prevent its blades from rotating when the container is disconnected from the power source.

Also, it acts as a blender and water / juice container. Plus, its battery is long-lasting and rechargeable.

I swear, you have to get yourself this gadget! Click here and see more about this portable rechargeable blender.

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Happy studying!

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