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Law School Motivation Free Desktop Wallpapers [Download Now!]

law school motivation

Looking for that law school motivation you’ve been trying to summon since day 1 of 2021?

Whether you admit it or not, somewhere inside of you wishes to have an extended Christmas break. You are kind of in denial of the fact that January 2021 means facing your backlog readings, attending online classes once again, finishing your 100+ case digests, and taking that online final exam.

No need to be weird about it because I totetally (Word pun alert!) understand. I, too, had been having a hard time getting on my feet the past week.

Law school motivation free desktop wallpapers + bonus mobile wallpaper

So, what did I do to restore the law school motivation I had from the previous year?

Whenever I feel down and demotivated, I find quotes that spark inspiration. For this month, I remember that I’ve always loved Chauncey Depew’s quote about first steps. Actually, his quote drove me to finally enter law school despite all my apprehensions, almost 7 years ago.

Here it is:

“The first step to success is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. “

– Chauncey Depew

Had I not learned about this quote, I would have probably deferred entering law school multiple times. Worse, I could have not taken the plunge and wouldn’t be here recounting my law school stories with you.

Apparently, Depew‘s quote made a great impact on my life. So, I’d like to share this with you, in the hope that I can spark your law school motivation or inspiration too.

In order to do that, I thought I’d transform the quote into something more visual — a desktop wallpaper! Also, I made a mobile wallpaper that you can download as well. (You can print this and use as a bookmark too!)

Download your freebies

These wallpapers are for FREE. Consider them as my late Yuletide season gift for all of you, my friends.

I am currently using the first image as my desktop wallpaper and I’m absolutely loving it so far. Whenever I feel demotivated in making case digests or notes, I just look at it to remind myself that I have to make good of the first step I made — closer to becoming a lawyer.

Download whichever freebie you like HERE.

law school motivation

law school motivation

law school motivation

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