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What to Read Before Law School (7 Practical Materials)

what to read before law school

I get a lot of questions from aspiring law students on what to read before law school. Surprisingly, most of them think of purchasing law books as early as now to start their law school preparation.

Admittedly, I admire their enthusiasm to get ready for the law school journey ahead of them. Nonetheless, I do believe no one has to spend anything on buying reading materials, much less on law books, this early.

Before knowing what to read before law school, remember this:

Previously, I mentioned in my blog post and Youtube video that developing your reading skills is one of the ways to prepare for your law school journey. Mastering this skill, and (if possible) being able to increase your reading speed eventually, will surely give you an edge in law school.

Therefore, your goal, at this point, would be to develop your reading skills.

The key in developing your reading skill is to make reading a habit. Reading must become an integral part of your life, to the point that it gradually becomes second nature to you.

Tina (Totetally Legal)

Now, the good news is you don’t have to hoard specific types of books or reading materials to do this.

And you know what, any reading material close at hand would do.

List of what to read before law school (7 readily available reading materials)

If you’re unsure what to read before law school, I have some ideas to get you started.

Know more about them by watching this video:

Otherwise, you may continue reading through this article.

#1 Daily Periodicals /Online News Websites

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Newspapers and online news sites are your mainstay on your list of what to read before law school.

For one, news are rich sources of current events. They keep you abreast with the latest about government and law enforcement (things you’ll definitely encounter in law school).

Next, daily periodicals or online news content sites contain a number of reports to read. Hence, you’ll never run out of materials to practice your reading skills with.

Finally, the news contain issues that will stimulate your critical and analytical thinking skills. Consequently, it will enable you to think at various intellectual levels. Think about the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) issue that has been going on in the past few years. If you’ve been reading news articles about it, I bet you’ve been prompted to contemplate about it and analyze its implications to Philippines at some point.

#2 Blogs (educational ones, preferably)

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Again, your goal these days is to enhance your reading skills as you prepare for law school. If you’re always online, reading blogs is a great option for you to get started.

You can read any blog from whatever niche you like. After all, you just need reading practice, right? However, I believe you can always enrich your knowledge while honing your reading skills. So, I suggest you start with educational or law school-related blogs.

There are so many law school and educational blogs to choose from. Actually, this Totetally Legal blog you’re currently reading is one of them. Nonetheless, for the sake of variety, here are other blogs for your reading practice and pleasure:

(Note: Some of them give law school proper content. So, there might be topics that might be totally unfamiliar to you. However, they’re still great reading resources if you want to take your readings and law school prep to the next level.)

#3 Textbooks (Yes, the most readily available what-to-read-before-law-school materials)

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Look no further from your shelves or desktop because your school textbooks are also good reading resources. Whether it’s your history or world literature books, you’ll be good.

Read them even without prompting from your teachers and professors. The goal here is for you to polish up your reading comprehension skill as early as now.

#4 Political Analyses /Opinions

Reading political analyses or opinions enables you to examine a political issue closely and form judgments. It not only hones your comprehension skills, it also enables you to hone your critical and analytical thinking skills.

Haven’t seen a political analysis yet? To illustrate, here’s a sample for you.

You can also read the following articles written by Jumel G. Estrañero, one of Philippines’ contemporary defense, security, and policy analysts:

To broaden your horizons even more, I suggest you check out the following geopolitics sites:

#5 Constitution law books for undergrads

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Now, if you really want to step up your game, fine. Consider reading Philippine Constitution annotated books for college students.

Our constitution is as much complex as it is fascinating. So, at this early stage of your law school preparation, I highly suggest that you start simple. That said, I recommend you begin by reading college level discussions on our Constitution.

For this, you may want to take a look at Atty. Hector S. De Leon’s book called Student’s Manual on the Constitution. This author, who is popular among law students, has always had a simplistic approach on his books. So, I’m sure it would be easy for you to understand his discussions.

At any rate, you can use whatever book you prefer. It can even be a random college-level constitutional book you find in your local bookstore.

#6 Magazines

In looking for what to read before law school, you cannot go wrong with magazines. They are just as useful reading resources as academic materials.

Magazines open you up to different stories and even fresher content. Thus, practicing your reading skills can actually be more fun with them.

#7 Pocket books or E-books

what to read before law school
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Of course, how can I forget these?! Actually, I believe my love for paperback novels during my high school days had contributed greatly to advancing my reading skills.

So, if you’re up for more Harry Potter and Nancy Drew stuff, good news — you’re still on the right track!

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So, there you have it! I hope the list I’ve curated here helps you in a way or two in your law school preparation.

Always remember that the goal is to accelerate your reading skills. Hence, any reading material of your choice is good enough.

Now, it’s your turn to help out your fellow aspiring law students. Share this with your classmates and friends. And, altogether, get ready for the law school journey ahead of you.

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