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Working Law Students: 5 Perks They Enjoy

working law students

While working law students are faced with certain challenges throughout their law school life, they are not entirely at a disadvantage.

Well, I should know for I am a working student myself for almost five years now.

Indeed, being a working law student is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. However, it is one of the worthiest decisions I’ve ever made.

7 Advantages of Working Law Students

Here are some of the straightforward reasons why being a working law student isn’t that bad at all:

Working law students enjoy financial stability.

Working students have steadier source of income. This means they generally can provide for their tuition fees, books, and other law school-related expenses.

They can continue pursuing their chosen career.

A working law student need not leave his job while studying law. He can then continue his career and practice his profession until he finishes his law studies. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

They can network more at work.

Most often than not, working students meet more people at work. As a result, they get to network with other professionals.

They can continuously hone their expertise.

Usually, working students are often more updated with the latest in their fields. Apparently, this is because they find it easier to scout more opportunities for continuing professional education.

Working law students have more appreciation of some of our laws.

Working students are often more exposed to laws and legal concepts at work. For instance, a nurse and defense analyst like me would definitely appreciate lessons on Criminal Law, Legal Medicine, Torts and Damages, and even the recently enacted Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

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If this has helped you decide to become a working law student, then please share this article to anyone who might need it.

Good luck on being a working law student.

You can do it!

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