Hobonichi 5 Years Notebook: Do I Regret Buying It?

hobonichi 5 years

“Hobonichi 5 years notebook? Who, in his right mind, will get that?”

This is the typical impression I get whenever I’d ask in forums and bullet journal groups about the Hobonichi 5 years notebook.

Actually, there are already quite a number of Hobonichi’s 5-year notebook enthusiasts all over the world. With the exceptional experience they get out of  it, I can’t blame them if they like it so much.

My first impression of the 5 years Hobonichi notebook

If you’ll ask me, I love my newly purchased Hobonichi 5 years notebook already. I feel like I’ll be getting every Philippine peso I spent for this and all the satisfaction any person can get from insightful journaling.

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To give you an idea about this item, allow me to highlight some of its features. Let’s begin by showing you how its preliminary/cover page looks like:

Hobonichi 5 years

Simple yet exquisite Hobonichi 5 years Techo

I think I’ll get more organization and function from Hobonichi’s 5-year notebook than my law school journal.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I love bullet journals. In fact, I spent an entire law school semester making my very own law school journal. However, later, it became a little difficult to keep.

I know others can manage setting up their bullet journal pages with ease and consistency.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me.

At a glance, I know that this 5-year Hobonichi notebook will give me the function that I need for my daily while having an intimate record of my life for the next five years.

Meanwhile, this notebook’s pages are practically formatted. Also, you can guess essentially what each page is all about albeit it’s in Japanese.

Ultimately, this notebook has all the basics of a bullet journal or a planner:

  • calendars (2021-2025 );
  • daily logs;
  • lists;
  • addresses;
  • personal information/notes; and
  • blank pages

Here are some photos (Pardon my fingers that are on almost each of them. Lol.):


5-year Hobonichi, Hobonichi 5 years
The weeks start on Monday.

Daily Logs

Lists and Addresses

Blank pages

5-year Hobonichi

Compact and easy to carry

Since it has all the basics of a planner and bullet journal (At least, that’s how I see it.), I have everything in one place. Accordingy, I need not use several notebooks for journaling.

Straightforward and purposeful

Apparently, the Hobonichi 5 years notebook does not have the fancy stuff other bullet journals or notebooks have. Nonetheless, it takes you straight to the point, i.e., journaling and documenting.

On each date, there are sections/boxes for each year. This allows you to see what you’d been up to in the past five years. Say, on January 1st’s page, you’ll see everything that took place from 2021 down to 2025.

Finally, there are marks on the side of this notebook to guide you on which page correspondents to what month. It looks something like this:

Makes you appreciate the value of word economy

To some, the Hobonichi 5 Years notebook’s compact and minimalist set-up constrains their freedom. But for me, I enjoy the thought of being able to write with word economy (writing concisely).

This notebook has limited spaces to document each day for each year. Surely, this would compel me to become more perceptive of events, things, and people. This way, I can document my mundane living more concisely.

Very well-made

Everything about the 5-year Hobonichi notebook speaks of great quality. As you look at its cover, you’ll notice its gorgeous deep brown soft cover with slight textures and precisely rounded edges. This reminds me of my law books and bible.

Also, Hobonichi succeeded in combining cleanliness, minimalism, and ink resistance by using a special light yet good quality paper called Tomoe River. Plus, they are cream-colored, which gives out a warm tone that’s pleasant to look at.

And finally, it can lay flat on any surface without the hassle. Cool, right?

I recommend you give the Hobonichi 5 years notebook a try

So far, I am quite pleased that this notebook is exactly the way I imagined it to be — functional, minimalist, practical, straightforward, yet good quality and elegant. It has only been a week since I used this, but I am already enjoying it!

If you think this notebook is just about the right one for you, but want you want less hassle and cheaper shipping fees (especially toPhilippines), you may visit the online shop where I ordered it.

Watch my “re-unboxing video”

Do you need to visualize this notebook more? Watch this re-unboxing video I made.

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