Anger Management: My Wake Up Call from the Bible

anger management

Years before, I was very quick to anger. Some might had known me as a calm person, but those closer to me would know that I have my fair share of anger management issues.

I am quick to react to things and situations

Jumel, my boyfriend, who had once been trained in the military, would always tell me that I am “snappy”. Well, I really am most of the time because I want everything done quickly.

Unfortunately, I was also quick to anger. Never did I know that I had some anger management issues until I reconnected to the Lord.

James 1:19 as my wake up call

I was having some struggles controlling my temper in the previous years until I found this bible verse. It served as my “wake up call”. It made me realize that I have to slow down and be patient with the people around me.

Anger management, bible verse, James 1:19

The ugly truth about being temperamental is the fact that your family and loved ones — not you — suffer. No matter how consistently loving, patient, and enduring they are, an uncontrolled temper will most likely burn bridges with them.

The aforementioned bible verse showed me this harsh reality that I had to resolve before it’s too late.

Anger management is difficult but never impossible

No undertaking is not accompanied with challenges. From the moment I took the resolve to employ anger management in my life, I know it would be very DIFFICULT and OVERWHELMING for me.

I know this big and central change cannot and will not happen overnight. Actually, I am still struggling up to this date. But what consoles me is the fact that I making progress and my loved ones feel and see that on me.

God is with me on my anger management journey

Admittedly, there will be times when God will be testing my patience and endurance on people and things. Nonetheless, I know that He will not give me any test  that I will never be able to endure.

As always, I am comforted by the fact that God is with me through this journey. I know that through every swipe of my YouVersion Bible App (or flip of my KJV Bible), and by reminding myself with this bible verse, the Lord is and will be communicating with me and strengthening my soul every time.

To those of you who, like me, are doing everything in their power to overcome the temptation of succumbing to anger, to prevent irreparable damage to their lives and precious relationships, I suggest that you read and reflect on this bible verse.

I pray and claim that we all get through this. Actually, we will, in God’s name!

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