How to Write Without Distractions (FREE Platforms)

how to write without distractions

Wanna experience how to write without distractions?

But first, picture this:

One day, you woke up feeling the utmost determination to finish a school work, article, or written task you’ve been wanting to make since God knows when. So, you went to your computer, opened a word processor, and started hitting the keyboard. You are feeling so productive and all, except with the fact that you’ve opened a million tabs while working on your article.

Sounds familiar?

Does this hit you right to your core?

Well, I’ve been there and done that.

Indeed, it could be quite a struggle to maintain our focus when we see a lot stuff on screen.

Working on your good old word processor doesn’t help you that much either. While it’s easy to use one, too much familiarity has made it boring to write with already.


These online platforms will help you on how to write without distractions

In this blog post, I’ve curated some of the online writing platforms I use to create my blog posts/articles, and write my case digests and law school notes.

With them, I can write online distraction-free — I finish my notes, articles, and tasks without ending up clicking a Shopee advertisement and checking out an impulse-buy product. Lol.

Here they are: (You’re welcome.)

Writer, the internet typewriter

writing without distractions
Have you always wanted to experience the simplicity and efficiency of a typewriter, but you don’t have any at home?

Well, fret no more! Your parents may have had disposed their college typewriter already, but Writer got you covered.

The Writer, Internet Typewriter free online writing platform offers you the closest interface there is to a typewriter. Nonetheless, it still has the “techie feel” on it because it has this dark screen, but with surprisingly refreshing green fonts. Definitely, even writing in a dark cave can be a pleasurable experience with this platform.

Moreover, the Writer has session and document goals that can help you address your concern on how to write without distractions. A session goal could be a specific number of time, words, or characters you can set. On the other hand, you can use the document goal option if you’re in the process of completing a longer written work. This is perfect if you have a couple of days prior to a law school paper, school work, or article assignment (for content creators) deadline.

writing without distractions

Writer’s basic features on how to write without distractions

Meanwhile, it has the basic features you’ll find in your good old word processor. Some of the things you can do are as follows:

  • Make a new document;
  • Save;
  • Open and search;
  • Print;
  • Export;
  • Download your finished draft;
  • Preview your work;
  • Track your word count below the screen;
  • Get help; and
  • Adjust your writing settings

All these features (and more) are represented by commonly used icons. As you hover on them though, Writer tells you what each of these icons do. Hence, you need not worry about using them.

Ultimately, the coolest thing you can ever do with this online writing platform (apart from writing distraction-free) is saving unlimited number of documents. Consequently, all you have to do is to make an account with the Writer website.


writing without distractions

ZenPen may have limited number of features as compared with Writer, but you’ll surely love this free platform as well.

For one, it has the best interface anyone can ever ask for. Well, it has a clean and minimalist look. Also, it has large and curvy fonts your eyes would surely love.

As of date, ZenPen has the following word processing features:

  • Full screen writing and view;
  • Dark mode feature;
  • Word count setting; and
  • Saving feature

As I prefer big fonts and white screens, I personally love ZenPen. In fact, I’ve been writing my case digests and email newsletters (for my Totetally Legal website) with this platform in the past few weeks.


If you prefer synchronizing all your written drafts, Typin could be the free online writing platform for you. Apart from knowing how to write without distractions, it also allows you to work on written tasks in any of your devices. To do this though, you have to sign up on their website.

Just like ZenPen, Typin has a very minimalist interface — no ads, no whatnot. It can literally give you a distraction-free writing experience.

Meanwhile, Typin allows you to track your word count using the counter found at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, it has a homepage that shows all of the drafts you’ve written. This way, you can review your work or get back to writing.

writing without distractions

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Don’t let clutter and distractions hamper your productivity and success. Give these free online platforms a try and see a difference in your writing or study progress!

If you think our article has helped you, let us know in the comment section below.

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Happy writing!








how to write without distractions


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