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Law Students’ Getaway: Why You Need a Trip to Alberta


With law school stress and recent relaxation of some travel restrictions, you’re surely looking for places — law students’ getaway — that would be worth every buck.

Well, why not give Alberta, Canada — a place of surprising wonders — a try?

5 Reasons Why Alberta, Canada is a Perfect Law Students’ Getaway

When tourists plan a trip in Canada, the most obvious targets always seem to be Toronto or Vancouver: but there’s more out there than these two metropolitan areas.  Alberta as a whole has some of the most incredible people, most breathtaking sights, and unique experiences that you’ll never want to forget.

Regardless of what usually inspires you to travel: you’ll find your purpose in Alberta.

#1 — Edmonton Sights and Arts (a law students’ getaway for creativity)

law students' getaway
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Although Calgary may be the better-known city in Alberta: Edmonton holds its own.  With weekly pop-up festivals and stores, incredibly artsy and youthful creativity, and quick public transit: this is a premium city to make your travel destination.

Countless free museum exhibits, the best range of food from vegan to cajun, and the city’s beauty culminate into an experience like no other.  Whether by train or car, entering the town over the bridge feels like you’re stepping into another world of possibilities. Of course, it might not be as population-dense as Toronto: but who says that’s a bad thing?

#2 — Icebergs and Animals in Jasper (wildlife law students’ getaway)

law students' getaway
Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

Jasper National Park in Alberta is one of the two major parks in Edmonton.  Home to icebergs you can physically walk out onto and wildlife that makes you feel like you’ve genuinely slipped into the wild, Jasper is more than just a place to go camping.  Scenic drives and hikes allow you to vanish into endless views of gorgeous mountains, evergreen trees, and babbling rivers.  

In the winter, the mountains get capped with snow, and the locals buckle in for a while, adventure of snow and leisure. So if you find yourself looking at St. Albert homes for sale, take a day trip and get to know Jasper.

#3 — Calgary Sports and Culture

Calgary is known as the coal heart of Canada.  Built out of mining history, this city prides itself on how it grew from its rougher beginnings and attempts to keep up with some of the more accessible aspects of that life.  Yearly rodeos, hundreds of live sports games, and a cowboy attitude ensure you’ll have fun and cut loose while you’re in town.  

#4 — Beauty in Banff (scenic law students’ getaway)

law students' getaway
Image by Jaime Reimer from Pixabay

If Calgary doesn’t hit the spot, slip away to Banff to find authentic thrills and excitement.  Skiing, snowboarding, and ziplining over the beautiful snowy peaks will get anyone’s pulse up and going. However, if you prefer a more laid-back vacation, consider trying out the many spas and day salons to be pampered.  

The trails are open for hiking, biking, and exploring these beautiful endless mountains in the summer.  As the most popular national park in Canada, Banff takes vacations seriously.  The locals will welcome you in with open arms, and you’ll never run out of things to do and see while you’re in town.

#5 — The Incredible People

Regardless of where you are in Alberta, the people you find will amaze and delight you.  From the artsy communities of Edmonton to the fun fans in Calgary: you’ll feel welcomed the moment you land in this province.

Calgary has a perfect mixture of work and plays, from its parts to its cities, and there are more than enough new experiences available for everyone.

Push through that long overdue law students’ getaway with your friends

With more studies being conducted to remedy the ongoing pandemic, as well as more people getting vaccinated, it is not impossible that we can go around the world again, sooner or later. When that time comes, Alberta, Canada is the place to jumpstart your journey and make great memories with your law school friends — your soon-to-be pañeros and pañeras!

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