Pandemic Wedding Tips for Law Student Soon-to-Weds

pandemic wedding tips

One of the most challenging things a law student could ever get himself into is to make his or her pandemic wedding preparations while juggling a toxic law school schedule.

You see, making an ordinary pre-pandemic wedding happen is, in itself, difficult.  The couple have to make various arrangements and enter into different transactions to make their dream wedding a reality.  They will be jumping from one wedding supplier, wedding planning, and food tasting meeting to another. There are just so many things to do.

So, imagine how difficult it could be to do these at a time a deadly virus lingers all over the world.

Prepare for your pandemic wedding with these 7 tips

Hey, don’t fret just yet. This is neither the end of your dream wedding nor your law school journey.

While it may be challenging to pull off a wedding these days, it doesn’t mean it is impossibile. You can still tie the knot with your significant other and let love win.

To help you on that, here are some practical yet effective tips you may want to try. (By the way, these tips apply to non-law students too!)

(1) Always be informed and updated.

During this uncertain and risky time, love is not enough. You and your fiance must be wise and keep yourselves abreast with as much COVID-19-related information as you can get. Consequently, part of your pandemic wedding preparation is to read, read, and read existing updates, rules and regulations, as well as safety protocols relating to our current state of affairs.

Health and safety protocols, rules, or regulations vary among countries. Make sure to check with your local authorities those that should be followed in your area. This is a great way to make sure that your pandemic wedding is safe and compliant to existing government regulations. You wouldn’t want to break current rules or laws, much less put your guests in danger, would you?

If you’re a Philippine resident and is getting married during a pandemic, you may get updates from the COVID-19 Dashboard Official Website.

You may also get information from the Official Gazette and the official websites of Interagency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infections and National Task Force Against Covid-19.

(2) Be flexible and adaptable.

Depending on the quarantine protocol in place in the Philippines, gatherings may or may not be allowed. Worse, they change even in a matter of days. In the same manner, every quarantine restriction requires only a small number of people, who may attend a sanctioned event.

Consequently, as soon-to-weds, be flexible enough to adjust your plans. Thus, you may want to consider inviting only your immediate family members or very close relatives instead of your entire civil law or corporation law class.

Meanwhile, soon-to-weds like you must also be adaptable. Hence, you should always be open to new trends and embrace some of them.  So, the thought of incorporating fashionable yet functional masks and face shields in your wedding get up shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Neither should the idea of a short and straightforward wedding ceremony (to prevent prolonged outdoor exposure) put you off.

(3) Rely only to bona fide experts in the wedding industry

When we say “bona fide”, we mean ONLY the established and credible suppliers, photographers, stylists, florists, make up artists, caterers, and businesses in the wedding industry.

And the good news is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to meet them, thanks to Worldwide Weddings  PH (WWPH)! Actually, WWPH will have a 60-day ONLINE bridal fair from 01 June to 01 August 2021, as well as an interactive streaming from 30 July to 01 August 2021. So, make sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel to keep yourselves posted.

Apart from getting the great deals that match their preferences, soon-to-weds will also have the chance to win a prize. WWPH will be giving away Php 100,000.00 to one (1) lucky person who would be booking with his/her chosen supplier during the 3-day online expo.

If this is something that would interest you, refer to the following photo to get started.

pandemic wedding

Or, reach out to Worldwide Weddings PH thru Facebook and Instagram, or email them at

(4) Don’t be ashamed to seek help.

Trust me, your family and close friends would be more than willing to help you pull off your wedding. So, tag along those who are more than enthusiastic to join your wedding preparations.

Who knows? This can be an opportunity for you guys to get closer!

(5) Maintain an open communication with your soon-to-be spouse.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic could stress the hell out of both of you. As such, be ready to be each other’s best friend and support system during this trying time.

(6) Think outside the box.

Surely, one thing our current situation taught us would be to make good of whatever we have at the moment. So, don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic hamper your creativity as soon-to-weds. For a start, why not try fancy face masks or DIY giveaways for your guests?

(7) Anything health and safety should be your pandemic wedding priority.

Apart from ensuring a fabulous wedding venue and a gastronomic experience for your guests, sanitization and social distancing should likewise be on the forefront. So, get ready with gallons of disinfectants and alcohol, as well as extra face masks and face shields, on the day of your nuptials. Plus, be ready to get more people to ensure proper social distance among guests.

Do everything you need to comply with health and safety protocols. This is one way for you to take great care of your guests as they go the extra mile to celebrate your marriage with you during this uncertain time.

Share these pandemic wedding prep tips to those who may need them

As they say, sharing is caring. So, if you find this article useful, feel free to share it with your soon-to-wed law student friends or anyone looking into getting married in the Philippines in the days ahead.

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