Sun Life Talks Lite: Piolo and Inigo Pascual’s Secrets to Fun and Freedom

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Having subscribed to Sun Life’s Youtube channel, I stumbled upon last Friday their online interview of father and son Piolo and Inigo Pascual.

I’ve always known Piolo as an award-winning actor. Meanwhile, I know Inigo as a budding singer and performer. Hence, I was surprised to see them doing a financial matters-related interview. Right away, this piqued my interest and I couldn’t be happier that I stayed tune the entire time.

Choosing Sun Life to achieve happiness and freedom

Piolo and Inigo had talked about the importance of having fun and freedom in one’s life throughout the recently premiered Sun Life Talks Lite. According to them, these two may only be achieved through the following:

Simplify with Sun Life

Piolo emphasized during this interview to simplify, simplify, and simplify things. He urges everyone to just focus on MORE IMPORTANT THINGS and USING MONEY ON INVESTMENTS.

According to him, having something in the bank for your sustenance is one of the major keys to [financial] freedom. This is unsurprising. Actually, having sufficient resources for long-term sustenance gives you the feeling of security and freedom.

Notably, Piolo wanted to take things slow at the moment. And as he does so, he opted to choose Sun Life’s package for his health’s protection.

Only the essentials

Piolo has always been a good example to his son, Inigo because the latter pretty much adopts and practices the same principles in life. I said this because Inigo advocated ALLOTING MONEY ONLY FOR ESSENTIALS during the aforesaid interview. This is kinda cool because not all youngsters in his age would think of securing his future early on.

Build good habits

As always, nothing can be achieved successfully without building and sticking to healthy habits. Consequently, Inigo discussed succinctly the significance of building good and healthy habits.

I am in awe how Inigo, a young millennial, was able to elaborate on a topic as compelling as this. He is nearly half my age yet he already has the wisdom that’s worth sharing to our fellow Filipinos.

Learn more. Watch the interview NOW!

What you just read were nothing but just the tip of the iceberg of Piolo and Inigo’s interview. If you want to learn more how to achieve the success you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family, I highly suggest that you watch this video:

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May happiness, freedom, and success be with you in the years ahead.

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