Thy Will Be Done (Proverbs 19:21)

When I was in high school, my plan was solid – I’d get Political Science as my pre-law, go to law school after, and become a lawyer at 24.

Fast forward to 2019, I am now a registered nurse working as a defense analyst/writer, and a struggling 5th year law student.

Hey, I know that look.

Yes, things didn’t turn out as I wanted them to be. However, I am humbled to be a living proof that things happen by God’s way.

Who would have thought that the young high school girl Tina, who’s fascinated with laws, reading, and argumentation will end up becoming a licensed nurse?

When I became a nurse, after succumbing to my parent’s wishes, I thought it was the end of my lawyer dream. I thought I’m going to be doomed living a life as a nurse abroad, fulfilling my parents’ wishes for the rest of my life. (I actually wrote about this phase of my life, which you may read here.)

I thought I’d live a life full of regrets.

But God’s way waded me away from the health care industry and nursing profession, and exposed me to teaching, security, and public service. In the latter journey, things were easier; I encountered no resistance along the way. It just seems and feels like things are “meant to be”.

Going back, it was only after becoming a nurse that I was able to enter law school. It was after five years after passing my nurse licensure exam in 2009.

Then again, the same old me went planning ahead – finishing my law studies in no more than 4 years.

Again, it didn’t happen.

I had to work while studying (I am still working now, though under my own terms this time). It was so different from what I used to imagine as going to law school as a full time student.

But it was during this time when I saw all the injustices around me. It was during this time when I realized what niche in the legal profession I’d be focusing on, should God allow me to become a lawyer.

If you’d ask me if I despise God for giving me almost a decade of delay (I am now 32 years old and still studying law) from what I originally planned for my life, I’ll answer you in the negative. Admittedly, I “questioned” Him before. But I thank Him for blessing me with his loving wisdom so I could see through all his wonderful plans ahead of me.

Perhaps, the delay was His way of preparing me for something bigger. For sure, I’d become a good lawyer even without all these experiences I earned in the last 9 years since I graduated college. But I’m sure I’ll be a better one given all my work and advocacy experiences.

I don’t dictate what happens in my life, He does

Meanwhile in law school, I told myself I’d enter into a committed romantic relationship after passing the bar. I plan to marry an established lawyer, who can provide everything I and my future kids would need.

I thought that was the best plan that could ever happen to me. However, when I met Jumel (my boyfriend), during the most unexpected point of my life as a law student, I know I’d have to give it to the Lord.

His plans are always the best.

Jumel came to my life when I least expected him. Nonetheless, the Lord gave him when I badly needed him the most. He came at the time when I needed more love, care, faithfulness, and confidence.

And when Jumel came, he made me closer to the Almighty God.

Things happen in His time

Now, I know that the delay I experienced in reaching my lawyer dream wasn’t a setback, but God’s will working on my life.

Now, I know that the unexpected coming of my boyfriend-fiance was part of the beautiful love story God had authored for me since I was born.

What I failed to realize in the past was God’s plans materialize in His perfect time. Not my time, or my parent’s, or somebody else’s.

Only in God’s beautiful time.

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