Mothers Should Be Celebrated Every Single Day

Mothers Day

May is considered by many as the month of our mothers. This is when people from all over the globe greet their moms and send them gifts of appreciation and messages of gratitude on social media. This became apparent to me as my Facebook and Instagram feeds were flooded recently with Mother’s Day-related sweet nothings.

What I’d do for my mom, mother’s day or not

Before the pandemic, I and my mom would spend a lot of time together as much as we could. We used to have this routine lunch dates after her teaching work. If I’m at the office, we never fail to get in touch either thru text or phone calls. We’d talk for long hours after work as if we were best friends who never saw each other for years.

When Mama needed a companion for her check-ups, I’d prefer skipping classes just to accompany her to the clinic. If I have work on such day, I would arrange everything for her so she won’t have to go to her physician all by herself.

Then, to further help her manage her condition, I’d buy all the medications she needs – even when she protests that I don’t. This way, she could spend her own money to buy other things she likes or needs.

Whenever Mama likes to talk about life, I am the first person to volunteer to be her companion and coffee buddy. We spend our weekend afternoons talking about life over cups of coffee and bunch of snacks.

Mothers’ Day is EVERYDAY

You see, I don’t greet my mom on Facebook the usual “Happy Mother’s Day”. Nevertheless, I make sure to honor and take care of her every day and for the rest of her life.

For me, no words can describe how much I love her and no amount of Mother’s Day greeting can honor all the sacrifices she had gone through just so I can live my life to the fullest.

I’m a firm believer of the saying “action speaks louder than words”. So yeah, forgive me for being the pesky daughter, who doesn’t greet her mother on a Mother’s Day.

I just prefer skipping all the talking and actually be the daughter I should be for her.

Let’s be the children our mothers deserve

May we always pay tribute to our mothers whether or not there’s an occasion to celebrate. And with this, allow me to share this wonderful bible verse about mothers:

Mothers Day


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