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Leather Republic PH Leather Tray Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Leather Republic

Getting a leather tray from the Leather Republic PH was not a hard choice to make. First and foremost, Jumel kept on losing and misplacing his small items at home. Hence, I’d like to give him a catch-all receptacle to keep all his tiny valuables intact — all in one place.

Also, it has been my commitment to look for the most unique gift I could possibly give my boyfriend/fiancé, Jumel, on his birthday. And by purchasing Leather Republic PH’s leather tray, I know I’m making good of that committment — even despite the pandemic.

PROS: 5 Reasons Why I Chose Leather Republic PH

For Jumel’s 30th birthday, I gave him something made from another local seller (Yes, I support locally made products, as much as possible. #supportlocal). Hence, it would be normal for me to scout for Philippine-made items to buy and use.

For Jumel’s 31st birthday, I gave him this Leather Republic PH’s Catch-all Leather trays. And here are the reasons why I did:

  • Practical design;
  • Good quality;
  • Great customer service;
  • Smooth payment and transaction; and
  • Prompt delivery

Practical design

Leather Republic PH‘s catch-all trays have a simple yet practical design. Jumel loves anything sturdy yet pliable for his things so I knew that he’d like their catch-all trays.

These leather trays are flat when stored. Nonetheless, they have buttons on each corner that enable them to assume a box shape and stand on their own. So, Jumel won’t have any problem transporting them from one place to another as they can fit into any bag or container.

Leather Republic PH
Flat when unused. They have buttons on each corner that allow you to fold it to a box.
Leather Republic PH
When all buttons are snapped, here they are!

Also, Leather Republic PH offers letter stamping for an additional fee. I wanted something more personalized for Jumel. So, I decided I’ll have both of these catch-all trays letter-stamped with Jumel’s initials. This way, they are made more specific/identifiable from other leather trays.

Good Quality

Leather Republic PH claims that all their products are made of premium faux leather. This is what enticed me to give their leather trays a try.

I haven’t had the chance to verify this claim right off the bat since I’ll have the leather trays delivered straight to Jumel’s residence. However, Jumel told me that they are of great and durable quality. I am really pleased!

Great customer service

Inquiring about the catch-all trays was a breeze through Leather Republic PH’s representative, Ms. Rosette. She was quite patient in giving me all the details I was asking for despite the fact that I am ordering only two products from them. She was very accommodating and even assisted me in tracking the parcel containing the trays.

Smooth payment transaction

One thing that turns me off from a seller is a crappy payment process. Fortunately, Leather Republic PH was never the type that leaves their clients in the dark as they are systematic and transparent.

They explained to me everything I need to know and pay for — from the price for the trays down to the additional charges for stamping and shipment. They even issued a decent billing statement that summarizes all the costs chargeable on me.

Prompt delivery

Ms. Rosette never promised me anything, in view of the limitations we have under the quarantine. But she made sure that I am updated on the product and status of its delivery.

My only wish was to have the catch-all trays delivered to Jumel before his birthday. Fortunately, because of Rosette’s prompt coordination with their courier service providers, she was able to send my order four days before Jumel’s 31st birthday!

Jumel was so happy, as seen in our Facebook conversation:

TRANSLATION: “Love… Thank you so much! Yeeha! I love you so much and I miss you, my love! The trays came earlier and I assembled them.

Con: Leather Republic PH charged an additional fee for letter stamping

The only thing that I think Leather Republic PH can work on is their additional fee for letter stamping.

Don’t get me wrong. The fee they charged was very minimal. However, based on my experience ordering leather goods from other local sellers, letter stamping were usually free of charge.

In my opinion, this can sway potential customers away from them, especially when these prospective buyers are able to find other sellers offering the same products for the same price range, but with letter-stamping (or other forms of decorations or additional trinkets) for free.

But overall, the additional charge for letter stamping wasn’t burdensome at all. I was just giving my two cents-worth of suggestion, with no intention other than to give suggestions.

The boyfie’s/fiancé’s verdict

Leather Republic PH

Lo and behold, he loved it!

Jumel is never hard to please. He is always grateful for the blessings he receives, whether big or small.

This item is something he’s been looking for even before the pandemic. But, he never had the chance to look for because of the limitations brought forth by the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Contact Leather Republic PH if you need affordable yet quality leather finds

Leather Republic PH may be contacted through their Facebook page. They have a variety of leather goods to choose from. So, go get one for yourself or your loved one!

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Stay safe always!

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