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My Take on Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation

Loreal Paris Infallible

The Try and Review had me as one of its Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation testers in 2019

I didn’t buy myself a Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. I only got hold of one because I became a Try and Review Tester.

Background story

In 2019, I was browsing my Instagram account when a Try and Review sponsored ad came on view. I clicked it and found myself on Try and Review’s website.

There, I saw Loreal Paris’ Infallible Pro-matte powder foundation was up for testing. The next thing I knew, I signed up to review it for free.

Thoughts on Loreal Paris Pro-Matte Powder Foundation

Loreal Paris Pro-Matte Foundation

Loreal Paris’ Pro-matte Powder Foundation claims to provide its consumers “lasting matte finish”, as well as a “never flat” and “never cakey” feel for sixteen (16) hours.

To know whether this powder foundation stays true to all its assertions, I then decided to use it for two days in a row, without putting any other make-up product on my face.

Loreal Paris Pro-Matte Foundation Product packaging / container

I find this powder foundation’s packaging quite odd. Its mirror is positioned in a way that makes foundation application inconvenient. I couldn’t look at the mirror and access the powder palette at the same time.

Nonetheless, it has quite a durable packaging. I actually dropped it on the floor. Yet, the mirror and powder foundation case were still intact from the fall.

It’s not matte, but more like dewy

Loreal’s Pro-matte powder foundation felt light on my skin. It felt like I wasn’t wearing any make up.

Also, the product is matte on its first application. But my face started getting “shiny” and oily again after two hours or so.

I think it’s not that bad after all. Besides, people react differently on cosmetic products. Since I have naturally oily skin, that might explain why the matte effect didn’t last long. 

“Infallible” coverage

Sadly, the product is not as infallible as it claims to be. It cannot cover blemishes, pimple marks, and other imperfections completely. For full coverage, perhaps, the user can first apply concealer or a liquid foundation prior to using this.


This powder foundation lasted for sixteen (16) hours as it claims to be. It’s not itchy or irritating at all. However, by then, my face had become oily already.

Final verdict

Overall, Loreal Paris’ Infallible Pro-Matte powder foundation is a budget-friendly option. It felt light and blended perfectly even on [super] oily skin (like mine).

However, it didn’t give full coverage. Nonetheless, it controlled excessive oiliness to some extent.

Yes, it’s matte.

But I’m afraid it’s not “infallible”.

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