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Jumel, my boyfriend / fiance, turned 32 last month. So, to make his birthday meaningful despite the uncertainties of the current time, I decided to get him a little something from Photobook PH.

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you’ll know that it has been my “quest” to look for cool and useful gifts for Jumel. In fact, in 2019, I gifted him a leather portfolio for his birthday. (You can check it out here.)

Then, last year, I gave him leather trays, which he enjoy using up to this point. I also made a review of them here.

Anyway, for this year, I gave Jumel a book that has a collection of all his artworks throughout the years. (Apart from being a security, political, and risk analyst, he’s also a painter.) And this wouldn’t be possible had it not been for Photobook.


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Photobook PH lets you customize your books to your liking so it is a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones

I have everything custom-made through the Photobook App. And what I loved about it was the customization is literally so easy to do.

All I had to do was choose the high resolution photos I want included in the collection. Then, Photobook compiled and put them in glossy pages. And, voila — you’ll have a magazine-like finished product!

Photobook PH
Look at this page. It is so clear that you’d think Jumel’s taken a selfie. It’s actually one of his old photos printed on the photobook!

The one I had custom-made for Jumel turned out to be like this:

Photobook PH
This McDonald’s inspired cover is Jumel’s old artwork too.

You can order thru the Photobook app

You have to download the Photobook app to start the process of making your photobook. Good thing, it’s readily available for free in Google Playstore.

Thereafter, the app will ask you to choose a layout / style for your photobook. (Photobook made it easy for everyone so you don’t have to worry about designs and stuff.)

You’ll have to choose the photos you want to be included in the book. Make sure they are high resolution ones as low resolution pictures may turn out pixelated or poor quality-looking.

After choosing your photos, the app will ask which page to put each of them. Accordingly, one page corresponds to one picture.

Lastly, the app will keep track of the number of pages of your photobook draft. Then, it will show you the real time cost as you add or remove pages.

Download your Photobook mobile app here.

Delivery Time

If you’re looking for a fast solution for your gifting needs, I’d say ordering from Photobook is not a good option for you.

The photobook I ordered took a little while to arrive. Good thing, I ordered it way ahead of Jumel’s birthday. (Whew!)

Photobook PH finished product

I loved how Jumel’s Photobook turned out. To be honest, it looks like a small magazine that you’d be proud to flex to anyone.

Jumel loved the photobook as well. For the first time, he has all his artwork photos all in one place.

Photobook PH

If you want one for yourself, you may download Photobook’s mobile app here to get started.

Other products from Photobook PH

Photobook does not limit its products to just photobooks. Recently, I discovered that it also sells other items.

Take a look at some of them:

Photobook PH Home decor and kitchenware

It turns out there’s more to love from Photobook (PH)’s online store. In fact, when I browsed their app, I saw other items that are good for gifting and personal or home use.

These are some of the ones I found:

Wooden Floating Frame

I’d love to have a wooden floating frame like this in my room. It kind of gives that rustic vibe.

(Source: Photobook PH)

Canvas Prints

This is a great item to put on any wall. I think it can make any place more vibrant and cozy especially if you have a lot of this.

(Source: Photobook)

Photobook PH Wooden Serving Boards

I’d love to buy this for my mom in the near future…

(Source: Photobook)

Beer Glass

Photobook made this beer glass even cooler with the fact that you can personalize it!

(Source: Photobook)


This pretty wall clock can jazz up any living room, workspace, or study area.

(Source: Photobook)


If the calendar freebies you get from grocery stores or pharmacies look meh to you, perhaps you’d like to give Photobook calendars a try. They are good quality and may be personalized too.

Photobook PH
Source: Photobook


Also, Photobook has stationery stuff, perfect for gifting or even for your journaling needs.

Insta Prints

Photobook PH
(Source: Photobook)
Pop Photocards

This is actually one of Photobook’s newest products in this category. Isn’t this cool?!

Source: Photobook


Photobook has different kinds of cards for any occasion. Just look at this Father’s Day greeting card:

Source: Photobook

Personalize your orders

Ultimately, the best thing about Photobook’s products is you can have them personalized! So, if you want to give their items as gifts, your loved one would surely appreciate it!

Want to order any of these for yourself or your special someone? Download the Photobook PH mobile app here to start.

You should get yourself Photobook PH’s photobook, but only if you’re willing to wait

If you’re an artist or photographer, Photobook PH is a good option for you to have all your artworks in one place. It makes a good portfolio book for beginners and expert artists or photographers alike.

Another reason to get a photobook from Photobook PH is to keep memories of important events or special occasions in your life. With the quality of their printouts, you’ll be able to relive your wonderful moments just as how you remember it happening.

However, as I mentioned earlier, they lag behind when it comes to delivery. Perhaps, this is because they outsource their products from their branches abroad? At any rate, I hope this is something they can work on.

Overall, I’ll give this photobook 4.8 out of 5 rating. It’s actually a cool product.

If you want to check out product deals and place an order, click here.

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