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Pili Essential Oil “Rise and Shine”: Does it Really Work?

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Pili Essential Oil

As a nurse by profession, I always have the inclination to view an individual’s health and wellness in a holistic sense. This means, I am open to anything that could possibly cure a person’s disease, alleviate his condition, or maintain his wellness.

I had grown fascination over essential oils because of this. It turned out, I could get essential oils that are as effective as known foreign brands without breaking the bank.

How I discovered the “Rise and Shine” Blend of Pili Essential Oil 

In 2018, I discovered the “Rise and Shine” Pili Beauty and Wellness’ Essential Oil just in time to save my dwindling finances!

I came across this essential oil when I was browsing Carousell listings. That time, as if Carousell could sense my life’s exigencies, a listing on a set of pili-based essential oils popped up. It turned out to be the same ones belonging to the Pili Essential Oil / Beauty and Wellness product line.

I got so curious I knew I just had to Google it. Eventually, I found Pili’s official website.

The Pili Beauty and Wellness Essential Oils Travel Kit has five (5) blends in it, namely the:

  1. Stress Away Blend;
  2. Breath Easy Blend;
  3. Bug Me Not Blend;
  4. Rise and Shine Blend; and
  5. Sweet dreams Blend

Since I am looking for something that will boost my energy, keep me feeling refreshed, and make me gain more focus on my readings/studies, I bought the Rise and Shine blend.

Claimed benefits of the Pili Essential Oil Rise and Shine Blend

According to Pili Beauty and Wellness, the Rise and Shine Blend is composed of Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Canarium ovatum (pili) oil, menthol, camphor, Gaultheria procumbens (wintergreen) leaf oil, Eucalyptus globulus (eucalytus) leaf oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil, Citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) oil, Citrus medica limonum (lemon) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil, Canarium commune (elemi) essential oil.

It also claims to give the consumer the the following benefits:

“An energizing blend of citrus oils that refreshes, promotes positive mood, and restores focus. A fruity, zesty and fresh light fizzy scent to start your day right and bright. A perfect pick me up! Instruction : Apply on to wrists, arms, nape and neck. You can also dab a small amount on palms, rub palms together vigorously then cup the palms over nose and inhale the vapor. Caution : FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Do not apply on open wound. Avoid eye area. Always wash hands after use. If pregnant, please consult your doctor. For sensitive skin, apply on a small portion of your skin preferably on your arm area and leave overnight. If rashes appear, discontinue using.”

Meanwhile, each blend comes in either 6-ml or 10-ml roll-on bottles. Since my budget is a bit tight these days, I opted for the 6-ml roller bottle.


I’d say, Pili Beauty and Wellness is one of the few brands I encountered that considers the environment in packaging their products. My Rise and Shine Essential Oil arrived in a cute and easy-to-open (“twist and remove”) paper cylindrical package.

It’s innovative and well-made. Hence, I decided to keep it.

Pili Essential Oil

Pili Essential Oil

The paper cylinder that the Rise and Shine came with also has instructions on how to use the essential oil. But more importantly, it also has a best-before or expiration date. This is especially useful in checking the oil’s efficacy.

Delivery time

On this, Pili Beauty and Wellness had it fast and sweet! I got the product within twenty four (24) hours (Or even less than, I think!). By Philippine set-up, this is pretty fast, as some orders take two to three days to be processed and delivered.

Is the Pili Rise and Shine Essential Oil Blend effective?

If you’ll ask me, I believe this essential oil really works.

Whenever I’d apply this essential oil on the palms of my hands and sniff its aroma, I always feel refreshed and revitalized. This is especially so whenever I’m sitting for long hours on my study desk or in our law school library.

I don’t know, but there’s something “miraculous” about the orange-coconut smell it gives off. It literally invigorates me every time I use it.

In addition, this blend was also helpful in relieving other bodily conditions. Because of its eucalyptus ingredient, applying it on the temple of my forehead had always been soothing and relaxing.

Furthermore, it used to remedy my motion sickness and migraine episodes. I even used it to relax my tensed muscles after hours of reading and writing for law school.

Nonetheless, please note that this is just my opinion and personal experience using this product. You or others may have different reactions to or experience about it. (Let me know in the comments below so we can exchange ideas.)

Will it cost me a lot in the long run?

These days, most essential oils in the market come from abroad. While most of them are claimed to be effective, they are, however, on the pricier side.

Thankfully, Pili Beauty and Wellness made a big leap in making high-grade essential oils pegged at a reasonable price.

The 6-ml Rise and Shine roller bottle I bought retails for Php 240.00, exclusive of the meager Php 70.00 delivery fee. For all the wonderful benefits that I am getting from it, as well as the volume of the essential oil that comes in its roller bottle, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Meanwhile, the Pili Beauty and Wellness’ Essential Oils Set retails for Php 1,250.00 for its 6-ml travel kit and Php 1,750.00 for it’s 10-ml set, exclusive of delivery or shipping fee nationwide.

The Pili Essential Oil Final Verdict 

Obviously, I LOVE IT.

With all the pleasant experiences and benefits I got from Pili Beauty and Wellness’ Rise and Shine Essential Oil, I am now contemplating of buying their 6-ml set soon. I’d like to try whether this brand’s other blends are as effective.

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