Here’s a list of reputable online shops that have you covered from your [law] school supplies to health and beauty needs. I personally recommend them because I believe they are something you’d like to check out or purchase from.

I also rounded up some items I bought from the past which I believe can help law students (or anyone) in their studies and daily activities.


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Grammarly (because a well-written document is always worth investing for)

Click on any of these Grammarly banner that suits your study or work needs to get started.

Shopee Payday Sale

Start your own law school blog or business

Online Shops


Your go-to for health and beauty is here. If you can’t go out due to health restrictions, you can always shop their deals online.

Click the photo below to get started.


Shop all your medications and other health products here. Just click on the photo to get started.

Zalora Philippines

Law students need lux treatment once in a while. So, treat yourself anytime through the hottest deals Zalora has in store for you.

Check out their beauty and fashion deals by clicking this photo.

Hello, perfume lovers! offers a paradise of good and authentic perfume at reasonable prices.

Click the photo to explore their products.

Tried and Tested Products

Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re looking for a decent headset to use during online classes or online work conferences, this is something you might like to consider.

Photo Source: techsmartph (Shopee)

Anykool L3 Wired Silent Keyboard And Mouse Set

I couldn’t be happier to have bought this external keyboard for my study and work space. Its keys are easy to press and silent when stricken.

Photo Source: Anykoolstore (Shopee)

Original Deerma multi-function electric mini blender

I’m proud that I lost weight and achieved my ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) because of this powerful yet portable blender. It helped me eat healthier through juicing and making smoothies.

If you want to start eating healthy too, this gadget would definitely help you on that.

Organic Harvest Coffee

With Organic Harvest’s Coffee, I can prepare coffee that’s good for an entire workweek. Then, I just store them in the fridge. And all that it takes are 2 packets to do that! You gotta give this a try.

Paperang P2

Paperang P2 Portable Printer

Do you need a portable and reliable printer you can take and use anywhere? If so, then, you need this Paperang printer. I actually made a review about this lovely piece of gadget here.

gifts to give a law student

OMNI Lamp with Powerbank Function

You got to have a reading lamp like this. Besides emitting bright light (good for your typical law school all-nighter), it is also foldable, compact, and can be used as a powerbank.

USB Optical Wireless 2.4G Mouse

If you’re looking for a slim, lightweight, and cheap (yet functional) optical wireless mouse, then this one is for you. I bought this for under Php 200 and until now, it still works.

Photo Source: jaroum3 (Shopee)

Chosch Mild Pastel Highlighters

I love pastel-colored highlighters to use on my notes and books, but I don’t want to spend so much on them. Luckily, I chanced upon these cheaper yet equally beautiful highlighters!

Photo Source: lovemoonshop (Shopee)

Starter Fountain Pen

If you’re someone who wants to learn how to use a fountain pen, but doesn’t want to spend so much on it, this deal is perfect for you. And the cool thing about this is it comes with a FREE 50-ml bottle of ink! Now, that’s a good deal!

Photo Source: (Shopee)

Book Holder

Want to read your textbooks hands-free? Well, I got you covered with this foldable book holder.

Pulpy Trait’s DIY Notebooks

Pulpy Trait sells DIY notebooks to help you get started with your “sustainable note-taking” journey. They have spiral binders that you can use repeatedly to recycle your old notebooks.

Photo Source: Pulpy Trait (Shopee)